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Cornelius - May 17, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Cornelius from Atlantic City - Vilagarcia de Arousa, Pontevedra, Spain as Artist of the Day.

Cornelius plays rock music with a bit of soul. Cornelius consists of DAVID CHIQUILLO: Lead singer - ANTONIO CASADO "EL ABUELO": lead guitar - TONI B. WILLISCH: guitar - JOSE VILAS: organ, piano,keyboards - ANDONI ARCOS: Bass and Background Vocals - TON RISCO: drums and percussion. Cornelius started the way most bands wish they could with releasing the "Cornelius - Greatest Hits - The First Album" cd. An outside the box idea that works.

Most of their myspace is in both Spanish and English which also helps them bring in a wider audience. All the songs on their myspace playlist are exceptional. "Dance" being an electronic rock beat, "So Cool" and "Inspiration" have a bluesy beat and then "Extermination Angels" and "Black Beauty" being more of a hard rock. "Fool Forever" is the video and the single off the album. To find out more about Cornelius, watch some videos and listen to their diversified sound, check out the Cornelius myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Music Scams to BEWARE of!

This was taken from a blog of a new friend, Ricky Copeland. I hope you find this information useful and PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THE SCAM!

If you are an artist and you've spent at least five minutes looking for ways to advance your career, chances are you have already encountered a wide variety of music services displayed to you through ads. They're highly prevalent on any website related to music, on Google searches, in Gmail (if any of your emails are music-related), on YouTube, and in physical sources like print magazines or classified ads.

Isn't it great that in an industry that is seeing the entry of tens of thousands of new musicians every year, there are so many nice businesses out there looking to help them?

Yeah, right!

The truth is, there are plenty of sleazy individuals and business entities that have been observing the decline of the traditional recording industry. They have noticed all the new artists cropping up, looking for fame and fortune. They smile when they see the common portrayal of artists on MTV and VH1 as rich, living extravagant and glamorous lifestyles, getting huge "record deals", and so on - even though that image is extremely distorted. All of this has created a prime market for services and products targeted towards musicians who want to make it big, and unfortunately for us, the majority of these are scams.

So, what are you supposed to do? Ignore any seemingly-pleasant emails from important-sounding people that are "interested in your music"? Definitely not. While illegitimate organizations looking to take advantage of artists are prevalent, there are still honest people in the business, and some of them really might be interested in you, personally. Since that's the case, if you're interested in maximizing your opportunities and minimizing the time and money spent on potentially useless services, it's important to learn how to detect and avoid scams.

As you read all of the points below, do keep in mind that just because some factors may warrant more caution, you should always evaluate opportunities thoroughly. An offer might have one or two red flags, but in actuality is completely earnest and worthwhile. Be smart, think like a businessperson, and above all, be objective. The dream of a killer deal can cloud your judgment, as can senseless paranoia of anyone commenting on your music. Try to set aside your personal feelings, and consider all of the factors below.

Dear [Artist]…
If you are contacted personally by someone with regards to your music, the first thing you need to pay attention to is how the email is written. This can be applied to snail mail or even phone calls, as well. Don't be swayed just because the solicitor knows your name or your MySpace. Anyone can find that info. Take note of the general style of their "pitch". Are they only speaking about your music in general terms? Are they not referencing specific songs, or if they are, are they being so vague that they could really be describing any song? These should all send up red flags. Real professionals that like your music enough to contact you about it should be able to say more than "your music is great."

If you poke around online, you may even find other artists or musicians receiving the same letter(s) you did. This is commonplace, and another sign that whoever is contacting you just wants your money, and doesn't care about your music. If you suspect something is up, be cold and ruthless when you email or call up the company. Demand to be told all the facts. Grill the "talent scout" on why YOUR music was picked. Honest businesses can stand up to the pressure because they have nothing to hide - scam companies will falter, fumble, become overly defensive, and give wishy-washy answers.


Most legitimate music services have plenty of satisfied clients and customers. It should NOT be hard to find real people who have benefited from a service you are looking into. Don't just take the word of a company at face value if something seems fishy. Look up and personally contact any artists who are listed in a testimonials section to ask what the full story is. Ask the company for specific references. Don't be surprised the "happy customers" don't respond - they might not even be real - or if the company refuses to give you references. Look at organizations such as CD Baby, Taxi, or Ariel Publicity - there is no shortage of people shouting praise for these companies, because they are 100% legit!

If someone tells you that they don't have references or testimonials because their business is "new"… keep walking. Do you really want to invest your time, money, and emotional energy in a company that is untested and unproven, especially considering how volatile this industry is?

Show (Them) the Money

"We'd love to represent you and place your music in five films right now! Just pay us $300 and we'll get right on that." Yes, a similar pitch really is used by lots of sleazy businesses. You should always ask "how much does this cost?" anytime someone pitches something to you, or asks for your music. Be VERY wary of anyone promising or guaranteeing your success, in exchange for money. The music industry is not an industry of "guarantees", and if any organization is opening up its services to the general public, they can't possible guarantee success for everyone… but they will tell people that they can.

If someone is looking for money in order to put your music on a compilation, or place your music in a film, hang up the phone or delete the email. You should never have to PAY money for someone to use your music. They might try to obfuscate the facts by talking about royalties, or that you're just "covering production costs"… and it's all total bull! Real publishers and agents that can actually do something profitable with your music will not need you to pay anything. They will be getting their cut from the success of the music.

Taxi is an example of a legitimate company in a sea of competitors that are scams. With Taxi, you pay a yearly fee for access to opportunities that you very likely would not have access to anywhere else. Your music is then thoroughly screened when it is submitted - only the highest caliber material is passed along ('forwarded'). The screeners, who are all industry professionals, then give you feedback on your track, something that is very useful if you have been rejected! Taxi never promises success. Even their ads emphasize that your music must be high-quality, and that you must be a serious musician in order for your money to be well-spent. They offer a money-back guarantee, too.

Filters & Exclusivity

Derek Sivers of CD Baby has written on this topic before, but it is worth repeating. Exclusivity is a very good thing. Let's look at publishers, for example. If a label evaluates 1000 demos in a year, and only selects 5 artists to be added to their roster, then the label will be inclined to spend their resources in promoting and cultivating those artists. There is a vested interest in those artists on the part of the label. The artists' success means the label's success, so the label is going to work hard on behalf of anyone they've signed!

On the other end of the spectrum, we have scam labels, publishers, and "music groups". Their strategy is to tell all 1000 people who submitted demos that their music is excellent. All the artists have to do is pay the organization for the privilege of being added! Now, what motivation does the scam organization have to promote all those artists? Sure, they might focus on the same 0.5% of quality musicians that the REAL label did - and that's being highly optimistic - but why would they care about anyone else? They wouldn't. The scam is done. The sleazy company already has the money of those 995 musicians.

Contests and Competitions

This is a popular category for scams because it's just so appealing. For a low fee, you can enter your music into a contest and win something amazing. Sure, there are honest competitions out there, such as the International Songwriting Competition and John Lennon Songwriting Contest, but there are just as many (if not more) bunk ones. If you are invited to a contest, or you've heard of one and are interested in submitting, you must find out the following…

* How long has the contest been around? The longer, the better.
* Who were the previous winners? Can they be contacted to verify they received their prize? See the "References?" section, above.
* Exactly how is the contest being judged? Is it a popular vote, are there judges? Who are the judges? Legit competitions tend to attract and make use of established artists and industry pros, and do not vaguely allude to a "panel of experts" or something similar.
* Who is sponsoring the contest? Real competitions should be backed by prominent music-related organizations and manufacturers. Contact the sponsors and ask them for more info, too!
* Do you lose any rights to your music if you submit? You'd be surprised at some of the legalese in contests even with major TV network names attached! In several cases, I've seen contests where all entrants automatically forfeit all rights to their music - the people running the contest could use the music however they wanted and not owe the artists a dime. Read the terms of any competition very carefully, or you might regret it.

Preventive Measures

If you're writing original music, you want to make sure that it is protected and reduce the chance that someone will steal it and call it their own. By default, as soon as you complete a new, unique creative work, it is copyrighted and protected by the government, but if someone were to infringe on your work you would be unable to bring suit against them unless the work were actually registered with the government. Luckily, it's not too complicated to do this. At the U.S. Copyright Office website, you can find the forms you need to register copyrights for songs and sound recordings with the federal government. There's a fee involved, but with the right form you can register multiple works at once for no extra cost.

Another step you can take is becoming a member of a performing rights organization like ASCAP or BMI. These entities collect royalties on behalf of their members (composers, writers, publishers) and generally look out for them in a number of ways. By becoming a member of a PRO and registering your works with them (note that this is not the same as copyright registration) you are further protecting your music.

Special notes.

The content of this blog is a reprint of an article posted on the SoundTempest website. There are a lot of seasoned veterans out there who already know this stuff, but there are also new musicians and artists who are just starting out.


Ricky Copeland


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The Clarences at Union Square, San Francisco - May 18, 2008

Previous Artist of the Day "The Clarences" will be playing at Union Square in San Francisco on Sunday. Hope you can join them and show your support :)

From The Clarences


The Clarences will be playing Union Square in downtown San Francisco this Sunday, May 18th!!!! The show will be outdoors in front of Macy's (between Powell, Stockton, Geary & Post). We will be doing 2 sets between 2-4pm.
We are very excited about this gig!!!!
We hope all is well.
Ate logo.
The Clarences

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VOTE HERE for your favorite band to have a chance at Main Stage for Dfest?

DFest Info

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VOTE HERE for your favorite band to have a chance at Main Stage for Dfest?

add us

Krystal Blue - May 16, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Krystal Blue from the United States as Artist of the Day.

Krystal Blue plays rock, live electronics and gothic music. Krystal Blue is not just any artist, she also is a producer, vocalist, songwriter and all around top myspace girl. Krystal markets herself extremely well which makes her one of the myspace top 10 downloaded performers. Krystal has produced 3 cd's; "Kiss It", "Krystal Blue Vol 1&2" which are both currently sold out (but I am sure that more will come) and her single "Silence in the Rain" in which proceeds go to the Red Cross for 9/11 victims. Krystal has a choice of posters which you can purchase and are signed through her website, which is currently getting a makeover

Krystal has been featured on E TV, Street Dragon Magazine, Express Jet Magazine, Maxim En Espanol (which she was featured as one of their "Hottest Latin Artists of all of 2007" and so much more.

Krystal Blue is currently settting up a band and still looking for a drummer. The new project is called "Krystal Blue's Affliction" which you can vote for them to perform on the main stage at Dfest. To find out more about the amazing Krystal Blue, her projects, read her blog, view her accomplishments, listen to and purchase her songs, check out the Krystal Blue myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Krystal Blue Slide Show!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rules for Party Etiquette by MISScat

Now many of you know that I get requests from time to time to promote others events and exciting things that are happening around the world. Well this was no exception, MISScat is a Manger of Artist Releations for Eventful which hosts many events including the Dfest and asked if I would place a link on my blog, so as I usually do I had to check out hers and this is what I found :)

By MISScat

many of us (including me) are guilty of doing/not doing these things...please note that no single occurrence prompted me to write this... :) enjoy.

here are my rules of "party etiquette" (in no particular order)

1. There really ARE some days where people don't feel like drinking--don't make them. Believe it or not, people can have fun while sober. Shocking, I know.

2. When your friends include you in their "rounds," don't forget. Get them back by buying a round too--never mooch off anyone. If you're broke this time around, tell them you'll get them back next time--and REMEMBER. Alcohol isn't cheap.

3. Be DD when it's your turn. When you have noticed that you haven't driven in awhile, DRIVE. Don't let the same person drive all the time. Gas isn't cheap.

4. When you ARE DD, don't get too fucked up. Other people's lives are in your hands.

5. Pitch in for parking. Always. Don't have change? Get it somehow, and pitch in. If you say you'll pay someone back, do so. Granted, some people honestly do forget, but this is for the people who NEVER make the effort to pay.

6. NEVER, and I mean NEVER throw up in someone else's car.

7. If by some reason you happen to throw up in someone else's car, pay for them to get it washed and detailed the next morning--nothing less. Don't make the driver suffer in your wasteful stench.

8. NEVER throw up on another human being. There is no resolution for this. None.

9. Try not to get too fucked up (unless of course the celebration is in your honor--birthday, going away, etc). Signs that you've gotten too fucked up: getting kicked out of the establishment while escorted by big ol' bodyguards, blacking out and not remembering what previously happened, falling down all over the place...etc.

10. Blacking out and not remembering what happened to you is never good. Try to refrain from it, unless of course it was a celebration in your honor.

11. Everyone gets too messed up at one time or another. NEVER leave your friend(s) hanging. Take care of them. If they're puking, hold their hair (if it's a girl) and get them water. Don't assume someone else will take care of them--just do it.

12. Don't do anything you'll regret the next day. Period.

13. Don't drive drunk. Don't let your friends drive drunk. Do what you've gotta do to ensure your friends' safety as well as your own-- even if it means napping in the parking lot while you sober up or calling your ex's friend's sister's cousin to pick you up.

14. Shit happens. The situations aforementioned will always occur--there's no getting away from it. If you're not willing to put up with it, stay home.

15. None of these rules apply when you're in Vegas. Just kidding...or am I? Hey, toilet hugging and wheelchairing make fine stories, and pictures. HAH.

This list is by no means exhaustive; if you have a golden rule you'd like to contribute, please do so! Thank you, and I hope this will turn you all into "responsible" partiers. lol.

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Marco Maenza has some new songs up - Check them OUT!

Previous Artist of the Day - Marco Maenza

has some new tunes up including 9's Blues and Close To Your Heart. If you haven't had a chance to listen to this Italian master of Instrumental music then now is the time to check Marco out!


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Gray Lines of Perfection - May 15, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Gray Lines of Perfection from Monroe, New Jersey as Artist of the Day.

Gray Lines of Perfection plays metal, progressive, hardcore with the Christian twist. Gray Lines of Perfection consists of; Trent - vocals, Michael - guitar and vocals, Josh - guitar, Mikey - bass, Bruce - drums and vocals and Alexander who does merchandise.

Gray Lines of Perfections is having a cd release party for "Reaching The Ends Of The Earth" tonight at The Aquifer in Clinton, New Jersey along with Life In Your Way, Burden Of A Day and For Today. Gray Lines of Perfection also have another cd out called "Evening Came and Morning Followed" on iTunes. To find out more about Gray Lines of Perfection, pick up some banners or wallpapers, see if they are playing in your area, purchase their cd's and listen to their music, check out the Gray Lines Of Perfection myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Autumn Leaves needs your help!

Previous Artist of the Day - Autumn Leaves is asking for your help to get their music heard on Forbidden Radio

"Hello our dear friends,

we need very much about your help pleeeaaaase

we are so much glad to know that into many bands,now we are 9th....yaaaaaaaay;) & that thanks to you!:))) but unfortunately it's not enough why we need to be 5th to hear our music on this really awesome radio "FORBIDDEN RADIO"... us again guys here:

We REALLY need you all !!!

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks endless thank you a lot to ALL YOU We really appreciate it so much!

Respect,Hugs,Peace & always Rooooock on yeeeeaaahhhh...


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Rosey - May 14, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Rosey from LA, California as Artist of the Day.

Rosey plays jazz, blues and acoustic music. Rosey works with many amazing musicians on her albums. Here is a list of some of them; drums - Nate Wood, Ches Smith, Scot Seiver - bass - Kaveh Rastegar, Bob Hart - piano/rhodes - Adam Benjamin, John Chin, David Cook, Keven Fukugama - sax - Ben Wendal, Tony Barba, Dave Ralicke, Walter Smith - trumpet - Gabe Johnson, Shane Endsley, - guitar - Joshua Lopez, John Bigham.

Rosey's website has a little bit of everything from a journal to a gallery of pics to her favorite links. It also features a credits page in which her music has been used in "Men In Trees", "Dawson's Creek" and "Smallville" and numerous movies such as "Monster-in-law", "Shallow Hal" and more. Rosey has also featured Vocals on many cd's including: Elmwood, Reggie Watts, Raphael Saadiq, John Gold, David Ryan Harris and Hillary Duff. Rosey also had a part in a TV episode of "American Dreams" and has appeared on Jay Leno.

Rosey just released the cd "Luckiest Girl" in April which can be purchased on her myspace. Rosey has 3 other vinyl/cd's out - "The Old Fashioned Way", "The Way I Am" and "Dirty Child", which are available through her website. To find out more about Rosey, watch some videos, take a peek at some pictures and listen to the awesome sounds, check out the Rosey myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Paul Thomas's new song "I Love the Blues", must hear!

As I get the opportunity to listen to so many musicians day in and day out (and yes I do listen to you all, lol), I run across some that stand out a bit more than others. As in the case with Paul, he is an amazing songwriter/lyricist and was one of the first people I blogged because his music is so enlightening. He seems to write the songs with an musician in mind that will perform it the way it should be sung (as with Daniel Victor from NWL). From time to time, Paul sends me an e-mail that says, listen to this and tell me what you think and this is one of those times where I want to share it with everyone.

Take a listen to his whole playlist and let me know what you think :) I love Arthur Only and Pauls "Cramden Blues" and of course the hilarious "Split Milk" but the songs he does with "Guitavio" are just as amazing.

Kudos Paul <3 Keep up the awesome work :)

I’d like to invite you to kindly listen to a new song I’ve posted. It is a ‘jaunty’ Ragtime style Blues called ‘I Love the Blues’ - lyrics by me, music composed & performed by ‘Guitavio’ from our latest album ‘Songs of Love and Loss’. It is the 2nd song on my My Space song player & I’d love to hear what you think of the song?
Thank you & wishing you all the best – Paul:):)!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Camp Talent Search Winners - May 23, 24 and 25, 2008

Summer Camp Talent Search Winners - May 23, 24 and 25, 2008
Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, Illinois

Congratulations to the winner’s of the 2008 Summer Camp Talent Search

Bill Smith : Chicago, IL
The Floorwalkers : Columbus, OH
Shadyside All-Stars : Indianapolis, IN
Shaggy Wonda : Bloomington, IN
Vessel : Louisville, KY
Naked Groove : St. Louis, MO
Jah Roots : Springfield, MO
Moon Taxi : Nashville, TN
The Uniphonics : Iowa City, IA
Stealin’ Strings : Milwaukee, WI
Steez : Madison, WI

Special thanks to all of the great bands along the way:
Chicago, IL
The Fuz
Kyle Mann Combo
Big Sky Stringband
Super American Happy Fun Good-Time Jam Band
Bill Smith
The Accord

Columbus, OH
Miss Molly
Andy Shaw Band
Red Eye Jive Pilots
The Floorwalkers
The Cowboy Hillbilly Hippy Folk Band
Eric Nassau & Friends
Dim Applz

Indianapolis, IN
John Justice
Triptych Cabin
Kingly T
Shadyside All-Stars
The Franchize

Bloomington, IN
M.C. Sparkplug
The Ever Present Origin
Long Distance Affair
The Buzzkills
Shaggy Wonda
The Other World Outfit

Louisville, KY
Tyrone Cotten
Bloom Street Namaste
Wax Melodic

St. Louis, MO
The Mississippi Flapjacks
Papa Smiley
Aaron Kamm & The One Drops
Reverend Whiskey
Spotting Waldo
Naked Groove
Fresh Heir

Springfield, MO
Jam Room
Jah Roots
The Dirty Blondes

Nashville, TN
Street Corner Champs
the GO show
Vinyl Soup
Chronics of Nar
V C Strut Band
431 Band
The Prophecy of Bob
The Last Straw
Boom Ticket
Moon Taxi
The Incredible Heat Machine
Zombie Bazooka Patrol

Iowa City, IA
Strange Neighbors
The Diplomats of Solid Sound
Ephraim Zenh
Mad Monks
Mint Wad Willy
The Mayflies
Filling Space

Milwaukee, WI
The Grasshoppers
Mike Mangione
Stealin’ Strings
Dane Varese Band
The Brian Duggan Project
Chinese Fingertrap

Madison, WI
Run Side Down
Not On Mars
Nama Rupa
Little Marsh Overflow
Damwell Betters
Moon Boot Posse
Good Time Camper

...see you next year,
Loyal Family

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SoSincere Entertainment is now at "The Roxy" Book your shows NOW!

Are you looking for tour dates in the Windsor area? Look no further as "The Roxy" is the place to PLAY! The Roxy holds over 1000 people, a HUGE stage and we would LOVE to host your event! Of course all CD Release parties are welcome :)

We are booking NOW for June, July, August and into the future! Talk to us and let's bring Windsor back to featuring the best of the best, on a stage that they deserve!

or call Anthony B. at 519-979-9561/519-999-0512 or

When: Everynight INCLUDING SATURDAYS (book your spot now!)

WINDSOR, Ontario

You can also e-mail me on myspace at
and I will make sure Anthony gets the message and I will check you out personally ;)

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Faktion - May 13, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Faktion from Dallas/Denton, Texas as Artist of the Day.

Faktion plays rock, rock and more rock music. Faktion consists of Aaron - Vocals, Josh - Guitar, Brink - Bass, Marsh - Guitar and Jeremy on Drums. Faktion is having a cd Release Party "Ignite What's Inside" on May 18 at The Max in Dallas, Texas. The Max is also having a "Bartenders Ball - Industry Appreciation Party" with live music from Damian Giglio, The Bright, Venture, FAKTION - CD Release, Matthew JC and the All Stars and Gary Kyle and the No Standards Band so make sure if you live in the Dallas area you check out all the great talent and the FAKTION Cd Release set! You can purchase a Faktion t-shirt through their myspace and I am sure they will have a cd link up after the cd release party. To find out more about Faktion and take a sneak peek listen to "Save The World" check out the Faktion myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Having Fun on the Road :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ours ONLY at St Andrew's Hall - June 8, 2008 (NWL CANCELS)

Again this is from Daniel Victor's Blog -



Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, Neverending White Lights will not be performing June 8th @ St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit.

OURS will still be performing as scheduled.

Look for a headlining NWL show in the area in the near future.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, and please enjoy the Ours concert if you've already purchased tickets, and look for us out there this summer.




This is right from the Daniel Victor - Neverending White Lights blog

First things first:

es, we're opening for my beloved friends in Detroit.
See you there.
Now, onward.

Where have I been eh? Where is Waldo and what is he up to?I hate April, so I mostly spent last month in hiding. Though you may have spotted me at the LCBO. I think I bought groceries once. Oh, and I saw M.I.A also, as you all know I love her. Other happenings....I ran into Tokyo Police Club in a Detroit bathroom, had a Grey's Anatomy party (15 million people heard "Distance" that night), stole a slew of cars via GTA4, and cursed myself for not buying enough new albums.

Otherwise, been finishing the Pleasure Machines album that my friend March Zo and I have been working on the past 3 years. I may have blogged about it a while ago, I'll post some music in the upcoming months when we've mixed it.

Black Ribbons? Fate could change on that. I'm having issues figuring out how I'm going to release all the new music I've been working not to confuse people with new projects, etc. It's in my nature to be abundant and create a vast plethora of musical offerings for the world to soak up, alas doing so in so many different variations might shift the focus off of having a main source of output. In other words, I'm thinking now about just releasing a solo album. But we'll see.

We're discussing the next single(s)? these days, so there will be more Act 2 activity in the upcoming months, and dare I say we've even discussed the possibility of an NWL TOUR? What? Could be in fall. Time will tell if I crawl up from my basement studio and get out to you.

Stay tuned for further ramblings.
I leave you now to be with your mothers.

This is me :)

SoSincere Entertainment is looking for Music Artists of Various Genres

SoSincere Entertainment is currently looking for music artists and groups of various genres.

**Signed or unsigned**.If you have a following of more than 30, then we are looking for you.We have a venue location for you in Windsor, Ontario.Their will also be models for your next music video, Cd cover, and photoshoots at every event.So, if you are looking for more exposure then we are the ones that you want to contact.Looking for the serious and talented only.

Contact us at SOSINCERE.ENTERTAINMENT@HOTMAIL.COM with "Music" in the subject line

For more info and consideration.
**Unsigned artists will be placed into consideration for an event signing contract for future shows.
Some will be considered for exposure to labels.**

The Windsor Star Article on SoSincere Entertainment Canada


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Young Skill - May 12, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Young Skill from Elizabethtown, Kentucky as Artist of the Day.

Young Skill plays rap, hip hop and R&B. Young Skill is classified as a King of the E-Breeze although the humble young man says there are many artists that hold this title (that are better than him). Young Skill is an amazing performer and you can hear the soul when he sings. Young Skill has many things that you can do on his myspace including the record a message, a meebo chat room, lot's of videos, check out his blog, request his song "My Life" on B 96.5 - 502-571-2965 and of course listen to his music, check out the Young Skill myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

**Don't forget to keep up to date on what's happening on the Artist of the Day Blogger at

This is me :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alexa Ray Joel - FREE SHOW - At Mohegan Sun Casino - May 24, 2008

Come Out To My MOHEGAN SUN SHOW on May 24th!!!

Dear Friends...Please come see me perform at the MOHEGAN SUN CASINO on May 24th!!! If you're free and in the New York area that Saturday night, there's no reason not to come--it's a FREE SHOW!! (Basically, it's first come, first serve, so be sure to get there a bit before doors at 10:00 pm and get your seats early!!).

I'll be playing at Mohegan Sun's great-sounding music-venue, the Wolf-Den at 11:00 pm...but be sure to enjoy food, drinks, shopping, and gambling beforehand!! The show should end at approximately 11:45 pm-12:00 am, at which time there will be a signing at the Merchandise Table, where I will be selling ALL NEW MERCHANDISE--this includes new posters, new head-shots, and the NEW, "BEST OF SHOW MOMENTS DVD"!!!

***PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR SHOW DETAILS...Can't wait to see you all there!!!!-Lex : )

***SHOW DETAILS:DATE: Saturday, May 24, 2008
VENUE: Mohegan Sun - The Wolf Den
ADDRESS: One Mohegan Sun Blvd.
Uncasville, CT 06382
Phone: (860) 862-8000
DOORS (this is when people should start getting there seats): 10pm
Ages: 21+
**It is suggested fans get in line early, as they usually have a long line by door time for these free shows.

This is me :)

An Afternoon of Stars, Wishes and Celebration June 4, 2008 Nashville, TN

Platinum Express Charity presents - An Afternoon of Stars, Wishes and Celebration - June 4, 2008 at 11:30am

Please come out and help support this worthy cause. All money raised will go to Make a Wish of Middle Tennessee.

Fuel Bar and Nightclub
114 S 2nd Ave
Nashville, TN

Join us for a great afternoon! We have announced performances by:

Rio Grand
Ansel Brown
Star De Azlan
Brad Cotter
Woody Bradshaw
David St Romain
Nina Sharp
Codie Prevost
Shane and Blane
Greg Burroughs

and also a performance by our show emcee Woody Bradshaw

The silent auction will include many great items donated by Honky Tonk Hall of Fame and various country music artists!

Tickets will be on sale on March 17th

Brought to you by Digital Rodeo & Platinum Express
Honky Tonk Hall of Fame:

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Want to be on the LoNero DVD? Check it out !!

Come on over and join the MySpace Group:

We want you in our live DVD, "Live and Relentless". Send us a photo of you showing your support for LoNero

We want you on our DVD "Live and Relentless"! Just send us a photo of you showing your support for LoNero. Be creative or just hold a sign. Anything at all. You can either send it to us here on MySpace or email us the photo at

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Dfest and Eventful hosts Battle of the Fans

EVENTFUL and dfest launch 'battle of the fans' COMPETITION FOR a musician to play on the main stage

Musicians Will Compete to Win a Spot on the Main Stage at Dfest in Tulsa, Okla., with Eventful Demand Empowering Fans to Decide the Winner

SAN DIEGO, CA – April 1, 2008 - Eventful and Diversafest (Dfest) today announced that musicians nationwide can register for the "Battle of the Fans" competitionto compete to perform on the main festival stage at Dfest. Now in its seventh consecutive year, Dfest has become known as the most comprehensive music conference and festival in the Midwest, with this year's two-day event taking place from July 25-26, 2008 in Tulsa, Okla. As musicians register for the competition, fans across the country can "Demand" which artist they want to perform by using Eventful's Demand service. Eventful Demand enables fans to influence where their favorite artists perform by creating grassroots campaigns to "Demand" the artists to come to their town.

This year, Dfest will allow fans to demand their favorite artist from a list of artists participating in the "Battle of the Fans" competition. Fans and musicians can log on to: or participate.

Similar to Austin's South by Southwest (SXSW), Dfest showcases the best emerging artists in the country and will include an outstanding line-up of more than 100 headlining and emerging acts.

"We're excited to see how fans turn out for this competition to land their favorite artist in the spotlight of the conference," said Tom Green of Dfest. "Dfest conference attendees love to have a say in what goes on at the event. The element of fan participation and advocacy will only enhance the opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talent at Dfest by way of a game-changing music industry tool like Eventful Demand."

Along with MySpace, YouTube and iTunes, Eventful is an essential part of the online marketing toolkit for performers and artists. Eventful is transforming the way that tours get routed by empowering fans to influence the tours of their favorite performers and by enabling performers to make the best decisions about where to tour.

"We love helping build stronger connections between fans and artists," said Eventful CEO Jordan Glazier. We're excited to work with the Dfest to give the fans the power to shape the festival."

About Eventful, Inc. San Diego based Eventful, Inc., operates, the leading events website which enables its community of users to discover, promote, share and create events throughout the world. Eventful users select from nearly 4 million events taking place in local markets throughout the world, from concerts and sports to singles events and political rallies. Eventful's Demand service enables users to influence where their favorite performers appear by creating viral grass-roots campaigns to "Demand" them in their town. Visit Eventful at

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DFest - Oklahoma's Music Conference and Festival - July 25 and 26, 2008

Dfest Music Conference & Festival. Tulsa, Oklahoma. July 25-26, 2008. Showcasing 150 artists over two days with unsigned, emerging and National artists like; Paramore, Disco Biscuits, Ghostland Observatory, Helmet, Zappa Plays Zappa, Edison Glass and more TBA in May!

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ATL Record Pool June 26, 27 and 28, 2008 - Atlanta, Georgia

The ATL Record Pool seems to have sprouted out of no where but with the 2008 first Qtr, which boasted over 1,500 attendees and some of the biggest producers and djs in the business it has quickly become one of the most anticipated industry events in Atlanta. Creating a venue that djs of all affiliations; radio, mix tape, club, different dj cliques, and more; can come together to hear and review the new music of hot new independents as well as seasoned major artist. Hosted by such powerful industry individuals in the past like Dj Drama, the Aphilliates, Oomp Camp’s Southern Style Djs, V103’s Greg Street and more, the Atl Record Pool has become a mecca of sort, for on the rise promoters, marketing companies, independent labels and artist, to attend and begin to establish the key relationships and networking that is so crucial to success in this ever changing industry. Occurring 3 times a year ( winter ,summer , fall) , with the summer session, being a 3 day music conference in June, we have succeeded in bringing the djs of Atlanta, surrounding areas, states, and beyond together for one common goal…. to see the who’s who of the “Who’s up Next” crew. Because of the relationships built by co-ceo PBrown, owner and operator of the wide spread Atlanta publication Streettalk Newspaper and Streettalk Marketing and now paired with the major up and coming grind of co- owner Dj Holiday, the Atl Record Pool is quickly becoming the absolutely no miss event for not only independent grinders, but also well known industry tastemakers , such as Mr. ColliPark, hit record breaker dj Greg Street, The Aphilliates, Rap Coalition’s Wendy Day, Ray Hamilton, President of Legion of Doom, Dj Jelly of OOMP CAMP, Kaspa- President of Hittmenn Djs, DJ Toomp along with many major labels including ColliPark Music, Grand Hustle, CTE, Shonuff, Atlantic, BME, Universal, Capital, and more!



To Find out more information

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Awkwardly Pleasant - Eric Martinez - Artist of the Day - May 11, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents the Mother's Day Winner, Awkwardly Pleasant from Austin, Texas as Artist of the Day.

Awkwardly Pleasant plays folk, acoustic and roots music. Awkwardly Pleasant is Eric Martinez who is also a singer/songwriter. Eric admits that he doesn't like to play guitar and sing at the same time but when you listen to his songs, you realize that he plays from the heart (and after all that is what music is all about). To find out more about Eric and Awkwardly Pleasant and to listen to some of his tunes, check out the Awkwardly Pleasant my space at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Happy Mother's Day :)

To all the wonderful Mom's out there, GJK Promotions and Artist of the Day would like to commend you all ;)

YOU are the ones that created all the musicians, artists, producers, promoters, engineers and others that we have come to love and adore. While others are in the midst of making our future artists.

May your day be filled with love, kisses and lots of wishes for this special day,

*My special present for this day was the "P.S. I Love You" movie which I can't wait to watch with my son. I cried through it the first time I saw it and I am sure I will cry again, this time. (OK so I have feelings, lol, but this movie really hit home and for many reasons) I hope that if you haven't saw it yet, that you have the opportunity to do so.