Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rules for Party Etiquette by MISScat

Now many of you know that I get requests from time to time to promote others events and exciting things that are happening around the world. Well this was no exception, MISScat is a Manger of Artist Releations for Eventful which hosts many events including the Dfest and asked if I would place a link on my blog, so as I usually do I had to check out hers and this is what I found :)

By MISScat

many of us (including me) are guilty of doing/not doing these things...please note that no single occurrence prompted me to write this... :) enjoy.

here are my rules of "party etiquette" (in no particular order)

1. There really ARE some days where people don't feel like drinking--don't make them. Believe it or not, people can have fun while sober. Shocking, I know.

2. When your friends include you in their "rounds," don't forget. Get them back by buying a round too--never mooch off anyone. If you're broke this time around, tell them you'll get them back next time--and REMEMBER. Alcohol isn't cheap.

3. Be DD when it's your turn. When you have noticed that you haven't driven in awhile, DRIVE. Don't let the same person drive all the time. Gas isn't cheap.

4. When you ARE DD, don't get too fucked up. Other people's lives are in your hands.

5. Pitch in for parking. Always. Don't have change? Get it somehow, and pitch in. If you say you'll pay someone back, do so. Granted, some people honestly do forget, but this is for the people who NEVER make the effort to pay.

6. NEVER, and I mean NEVER throw up in someone else's car.

7. If by some reason you happen to throw up in someone else's car, pay for them to get it washed and detailed the next morning--nothing less. Don't make the driver suffer in your wasteful stench.

8. NEVER throw up on another human being. There is no resolution for this. None.

9. Try not to get too fucked up (unless of course the celebration is in your honor--birthday, going away, etc). Signs that you've gotten too fucked up: getting kicked out of the establishment while escorted by big ol' bodyguards, blacking out and not remembering what previously happened, falling down all over the place...etc.

10. Blacking out and not remembering what happened to you is never good. Try to refrain from it, unless of course it was a celebration in your honor.

11. Everyone gets too messed up at one time or another. NEVER leave your friend(s) hanging. Take care of them. If they're puking, hold their hair (if it's a girl) and get them water. Don't assume someone else will take care of them--just do it.

12. Don't do anything you'll regret the next day. Period.

13. Don't drive drunk. Don't let your friends drive drunk. Do what you've gotta do to ensure your friends' safety as well as your own-- even if it means napping in the parking lot while you sober up or calling your ex's friend's sister's cousin to pick you up.

14. Shit happens. The situations aforementioned will always occur--there's no getting away from it. If you're not willing to put up with it, stay home.

15. None of these rules apply when you're in Vegas. Just kidding...or am I? Hey, toilet hugging and wheelchairing make fine stories, and pictures. HAH.

This list is by no means exhaustive; if you have a golden rule you'd like to contribute, please do so! Thank you, and I hope this will turn you all into "responsible" partiers. lol.

This is me :)

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