Saturday, May 3, 2008

Final Stage makes debut on Brave Words Magazine #110 Knuckletracks

Big week for me here at "Artist of the Day" as Final Stage - another one of my "Bands to Watch" - hits the Knuckletracks #110 cd featured in the June issue of Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles Magazine.

Final Stage was featured as Artist of the Day on January 11, 2008

Read the article and link to Brave World Magazine here

Geribzz in Windsor and Stuff: Final Stage makes debut on Brave Words Magazine #110 Knuckletracks

This is where you can find Final Stage, view videos, read their blog and listen to their music:

Infidel is the song on the Cd - tell us what you think?

Tony Two-Step - May 3, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Tony Two-Step from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as Artist of the Day.

Tony Two-Step plays hip hop, indie, alternative music. You can check out Tony's blog at Tony credits 2/3 of Tony Two-Step with the help of Casey from "The Wonder Years" and Ben Jamin (Benjamin Pepin) from Sony BMG as Tony's quote "Without them my sound wouldn't be the same". Tony also has other Honorable mentions (this is from his website) *I gotta show some respect to the people who have helped me get here and continue to support me; DeeJay Mikey Mike, Ben Jamin, Casey, Deep Release, The Friendship Lounge, Joey Stacks, Marc Uscher, J-Sick... The list goes on, If i forgot you hit me up and ill fix that shit. Ladies just so you know Tony Two-Step is sinlge ;) To find out more about Tony, check out his tour schedule (he is playing at Red Star tonight in Brooklyn, NY), watch some videos, grab some banners, read his myspace blog for lyrics, you can book Tony or find out how to collaborate with him and of course listen to his hip hop sounds at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Michigan Artists has a NEW Link

Michigan Artists has a NEW Link

Soulchoonz is looking for Indie Artists for Radio Play - Soul - R&B - Jazz

I received this comment from

Soulchoonz. com's Comment:

"Thanks and the Artist of the Day is... for supporting the independent artist by promoting their music! If you know of any artist interested in having their music aired on raido stations in London, Chicago, Manchester & New York, please refer them to the Soulchoonz Crew.

Again, many thanks!!

The Soulchoonz Show with DJ Gary Spence
Programmed by Di-Lee
May 2008 Playlist

New & Upfront
1.The Rebirth - Love Issue (radio edit)
2.Scott Grimaldi ft Joe Thompson - Turn Your Love Around
3.The Chestnut Brothers - Whole Lotta You In Me
4.Blak Ice - Next To You
5.Nhojj - Dream
6.Nhojj - Peace & Blessings
7.Lalah Hathaway - Let Go
8.Gina Green - My Journey
9.Mary J Blige - Hello It's Me
10.Black Gold Massive - Snow In April (Mr Gone remix)

Flashback Section
11.Allure - Head Over Heals (remix)
12.Barry White - Staying Power
13.Trina & Tamara - What's Come Here For
14.Al Green - Waiting On You (C&J Extended Version)
15.BeBe Winans - What About It
16.Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez - High - Skyy (Kenny Dope Mix)
17.Direct Drive Ft Helen Rogers - Anything

New & Upfront Cont.
18.Helen Rogers - My Eternal Love
19.Gregory R Coleman - Smooth Like You Like It
20.The Embers - The Last Time Saying Goodbye
21.The Embers - You're The Reason
22.Amber Ojeda - Don't Rush
23. E.Bland - Necessary
24.Ashanti Munir - I'm Staying Home Tonight
25.Glen Anthony Henry - I Don't Know
26.LeMar Mundane - Love Fantasy
27.William Demp - Everything
28.Temple Of Soul - Love Me Tonight
29.Skalp - Back 2 U
30.Skalp - Chanana"

Empty Arms - May 2, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Empty Arms from Flint, Michigan as Artist of the Day.

Empty Arms plays gothic, punk and rock music. Empty Arms consists of Evil Dee - vocals/guitar, Mr. Fike - bass, J. Decay - drums, Reverend Ghost - guitar/backing vocals. The Empty Arms website is a little dated but has great pics, a place to buy one of the 2 cd's Empty Arms has out and tons of links to all sorts of different music features. Empty Arms has an Ep called "Empty Arms Studio 2006" and the Empty Arms "Live & Undead 2007" Cd. Some songs like "Corporate Filth", "She", "Drain, "53rd & 3rd", Army Of The Walking Dog", "Frankenstein", "Murder", "Vampire Girl" and "Pissed Off All The Time" can be found on these albums. You can also find Empty Arms at, garageband records,, Empty Arms just went through some band member changes, so check to see if they are playing in YOUR area and take the time to check out the "New and Improved" Empty Arms. To find out more about Empty Arms, check out their tour dates, buy their ep or cd, grab one of their posters, check out their blog and of course listen to their music, check out the Empty Arms myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prospect Hill - The Lovers, The Haters and The Dead CD Pre-Release

YEAH! Prospect Hill - The Lovers, The Haters and The Dead CD Pre-Release

This is a cd I have been long awaiting for :) This is one of my "Top Bands to Watch" and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new cd. The Lovers, The Haters and The Dead cd will be available on May 17, 2008 BUT you can PRE-ORDER IT NOW and get the jump on what all the others are missing ;)

Prospect Hill was a previous "Artist of the Day" on December 13, 2007 :) Check out the blog here :)

To pre-order your copy or take a listen (if you haven't checked them out yet), check out the Prospect Hill myspace at

The BaanLeeder - May 1, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, The BaanLeeder from the United States.

The BaanLeeder plays soul and rock music. The BaanLeeder has 2 music players on their myspace, so you can turn one or the other off while listening to the music. This is from The BaanLeeder myspace: This New York born talent has performed several styles of musical arrangements over the years throughout the northeast and southeastern regions. The BaanLeeder, Revolutionizing Soul in Sound, backed by a combo mix of rhythm and brass uniquely orchestrating The Ultimate Soul Music Experience . . . Live! To listen to more of the BaanLeeder, check out their myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Restless Streets - April 30, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Restless Streets from Albany, New York as Artist of the Day.

Restless Streets plays rock, hardcore and screamo music. Restless Streets consists of: Logan - Drums/Lead Vocals, Pete - Bass, Bj - Guitar and Kyle - Guitar/vocals. Restless Streets has a EP called "Take It For Granted" with 5 songs: "Easy Go", "Good Morning", "Easybake", "Good Mourning" and "Speak Mute" which you can buy from their myspace page for $5.00 as well as some t-shirts that are $10.00. To find out more about Restless Streets, take a peek at their favorite bands, buy a t-shirt or the EP, watch some studio videos, see if you are in one of their many pics and listen to some of their music, check out the Restless Streets myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Emma King and the Heartsets - April 29, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Emma King and the Heartsets from London, United Kingdom as Artist of the Day.

Emma King and the Heartsets plays country, pop and rock music. Emma King and the Heartsets consists of Emma King - Vocals, Ritch Spence - Piano, Guitar & B.Vs, Ian Harrison - Guitar, Toby Schwietering - Bass and Nathan Hartwell - on Drums. Emma King and the Heartsets are currently working on a new album which will follow with a tour around the U.K., Nashville and Germany. To find out more about Emma King and the Heartsets, find out if they are playing new you and listen to some of the songs off the upcoming cd, go to the Emma King and the Heartsets myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank YOU! 10,002 views - over 5300 friends and growing :)

Thank you, Thank YOU!

Well I logged in this morning and to my surprise, I looked at my views and I hit 10,002 :)
I want to take the time to THANK all of YOU that so patiently wait every morning to find out who the new "Artist of the Day" is and of course to all those who read and listen to their music :)
For something that started as a fun project to relax my mind (yes I do find music very relaxing, even screamo, that sometimes gives me a real wake up jolt in the morning, lol) here we are 8 months later and still growing. With many new things to come, I am eager to continue building the fan base and glad that all YOU are a part of it :) Who would have thought back in September of 2007 that in 8 short months, I would have over 5300 friends that keep me hopping, dancing and rockin' every morning :)

I have made many lasting friendships from all over the world, you can check out some of these on my top 10 list, although there are many other friendships throughout my friends on myspace (we need more space Tom, lol). The Cd's, Ep's, stickers and t's that have been sent are overwhelming and shows that "YOU' believe in "Artist of the Day" as well.

Thank YOU all for the continued support and if you would like to send a Cd or EP, please send them to GJK PROMOTIONS HAS A NEW ADDRESS:

Bands interested in sending stickers, cd's or other merchandise can send them to:

GJK Promotions
P.O. Box 101 - 401 Oulette Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario
Canada, N9A 6J5

Have an "EPK"? Send me a quick myspace e-mail with the link or I will send you the e-mail addy to send it too :)

Remember, tell your friends, send me your friends or bands for review and let's keep this party going :) and always


Thy Majestie - Artist of the Day for April 28, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Thy Majestie from Palermo - Sicily, Italy as Artist of the Day.

Thy Majestie plays metal, classic and progressive music.Thy Majestie's website has to enter settings, Italian and English :) It has everything that you could need in a website including about the band, a shop, pics, discography, interviews, tour dates, videos from the Fear Dark Festivals, frequently asked questions and much more.

Thy Majestie consists of Dario Cascio - Vocals, Simone Campione - Guitars, Valerio Castorino - Keyboards, Dario D'Alessandro - Bass and Claudio Diprima - Drums.

Thy Majestie has just returned from the Immortal Metal Festival in Finland and is getting ready for the release of their 4th cd "Dawn" on July 2, 2008. Thy Majestie has a few demo's and cd's outincluding, "Sword, Crown and Shields", "Perpetual Glory", "The Lasing Power", "1066" and "Hastings 1066".

To find out more about Thy Majestie, watch some videos, grab a banner, read their blog, listen to their music and find out where you can see them LIVE, check out the Thy Majestie myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

The Chosen (live at Fear Dark festivals 2007, Holland )

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dyane - April 27, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Dyane from California as Artist of the Day.

Dyane plays latin music. Dyane has a couple cd's, "Dyane Sample of Full", "Dyane Me Equivoque (Reggaeton) and "Dyane Estar Contingo". Her top selling single "Te Quiero" is available with many other songs at cdbaby, itunes and snocap. You can check the Dyane blog for the many places that carry her cd's and many pictures of past events. To find out more about the beautiful and talented Dyane, look at the pics, sign her guest book, read her blog and listen to some awesome tunes, check out the Dyane myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Rock Chicago is looking for ALL AGE bands for May 9 and May 11, 2008

My friends over at Rock Chicago Promotions are looking for bands to perform on May 9 or 11, 2008. Read the details below.

FRIDAY, May 9th @ Dougs Rockhouse
333 East Indian Trail -
Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 892-7833
ALL AGES - Rock/Metal/Alternative/Progressive/Experimental


11:15-12:00 - 18+ BAND NEEDED
10:20-11:00 - Fist to the Sky
9:25-10:05 - With a Vengeance
8:30-9:10 - Echo Son

Fire by Nite


SUNDAY, May 11th (MOTHERS DAY!) @ Dougs Rockhouse
333 East Indian Trail -
Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 892-7833



$7 /