Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your chance to see "Credible Witness Live" at Much Music studios in Toronto on Sunday January 25, 2009 at noon!

Want your chance to see an incredible Windsor band perform in Toronto on "disBand" (a Much Music presentation), be a part of the studio audience and join the fun of a bus daytrip to Toronto from Windsor?

Credible Witness has the privilege of learning from music guru Greig Noi this weekend and would love to have you join them in the taping of "disBand" on Sunday January 25. If you live in the Windsor/Essex County area a special bus will be taking 48 people to Toronto and back for the low price of $35. It leaves at 7am and leaves Toronto around 6:00 pm. You can call Ryan at 519-988-9018 or Michael 519-995-9384 before Friday to get your bus tickets in advance.

Live in the Toronto and surrounding area? Just show up at the Much Music studio to join in the fun! Be their before 12:00 noon and get ready to hoot, hollar and cheer on one of Windsor's favorite bands, Credible Witness !

Yes the Boy, a guest and I will be on the bus, so come on down, chat on the bus or studio and join in all the fun!

Watch for Credible Witness to be "Prowl of the Day" next week with a sneak peak of the bus tour and the Much Music studio in Toronto! Who knows, the Boy might even catch a picture of me, lol!!

Metallica, the Boy and I ;)

Yeap, after 20 years I took the boy to go and see Metallica at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The first time I saw Metallica is what seems like moons ago with Ozzy and then "And Justice for All". They were just young at that time like myself and how they have grown over the years to catch the ears of my boy.

After taking 2 hours to get over the border we unfortunately missed "The Sword"

Kyle Shutt (guitar), Bryan Richie (bass), Trivett Wingo (drums) and J.D. Cronise (guitar and vocals) is The Sword

You can check out their websites at or

Next was Machine Head and

Machine Head is Robb Flynn, Adam Duce, Dave McClain, Phil Demmel now although we caught half their show, they rocked the crowd like they always have over the many years they have been performing. I had the pleasure of seeing Machine Head years ago when they first started as well and they have come along way. Machine Head has travelled the world as they go on tour after tour. Phil Demmel appears to be taking the crunch as he suffers from episodes of Cardiogenic Syncope and has for the last 17 years or so. At the end of 2008 they had to cancel a couple dates with Slipknot for the sake of Phil's health. Phil we do wish you all the best and hope you have many more years of touring ;)

Now for the main show! Metallica! or

Metallica is; James Hetfield: Lead vocals, Guitar, Lars Ulrich: Drums, Kirk Hammett: Lead Guitar, Robert Trujillo: Bass Guitar Metallica has 13 albums/cd's out
Well what can I say, the show was amazing as we listened to almost 2 1/2 hours of metal magic from the pros. The stage show was spectacular as the centre stage was set up to a moving drum kit (that moved 4 times so all could see Lars at his best), lasers galore, pyro (as we all expect, nothing but the best) and microphones set up all over as the band rocked the stage and moved and sang throughout the show on all microphones. Needless to say the concert was nothing less than the metal mania that we all expected. I (myself) am a huge fan of stage presence and show performance and I was not let down but this awray of color, pyro, the coffin lighting, lasers, the quick guitar changes and the balls that were dropped at the end. Metallica you have out done yourselves and am looking forward to seeing you many more times in the future. I little note is that after 22 years with the band the soundman/mixer who has always believed in Metallica and has made them sound so amazing over the years, was retiring. Good Luck in your endeavors and I am sure that you have many stories that would make an outstanding book ;)

If you like metal then this is one concert than you won't want to miss :)

For tour dates check out or

Automatic Drawing - Prowl of the Day for January 21, 2009

GJK Promotions proudly presents: Automatic Drawing from Los Angeles, California as Prowl of the Day.

Automatic Drawing plays indie music. Automatic Drawing is; Drew Kirkpatrick - vocals, guitar and harmonica, Rachael Koukal - vocals, keys and ukuele, Diana Sailer - guitar, Sarah Hithe - bass and Jon Efe on drums. Automatic Drawing has one EP out called "The Captain and the Sea" which you can receive through messaging or e-mailing the band.

To find out more about Automatice Drawing, watch some videos, read their reviews, listen to the Automatic Drawing "The Winter Scientist "Live along with songs from their latest EP, check out their myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Funky Fingers - Prowl of the Day for January 20, 2009

GJK Promotions proudly presents: Funky Fingers from Atlanta, Minnesota and Kansas, as Prowl of the Day.

Funky Fingers makes beats for hip hop, rap and r&b music. Funky Fingers is James Weems. He also has a record label called "Heated Records" and is one of the best underground producers.

To find out more about Funky Fingers, his Heated Records label, listen to some of the most outstanding beats, check out Funky Fingers myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Flat River Band - Prowl of the Day for January 19, 2009

GJK Promotions proudly presents: Flat River Band from Nashville, Tennessee, as Prowl of the Day.

The Flat River Band plays country, blues and southern rock music. This three brother band has played music for as long as they can remember. They are; Dennijo, Andy and Chad Sitze. The Flat River Band released the single "Money" on January 5, 2009 and you cab get a radio station in your neighbothood play it by going to their website at

You can see Flat River Band "Live at The Rutledge" on February 18, 2009. To find out more about Flat River Band, listen to their country sounds and purchase your favorite song through the outlets on their myspace page at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Senttt - Prowl of the Day for Janaury 18, 2009

GJK Promotions proudly presents:Senttt from Kansas, as Prowl of the Day.

Sentt plays christian rock and pop, music. Senttt have catchy lyrics that keep you dancing with the rockin' sounds of their music. This is one band that if they play as well live, this band will go far. Senttt could very well make my ones to watch list for the diversity in their Christian music.

To find out more about Senttt, check out their myspaces at or

Cheers and Inspire :)

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The Sweet Hollywaiians - Prowl of the Day for January 17, 2009

GJK Promotions proudly presents: Sweet Hollywaiians from Osaka and Los Angeles, California, as Prowl of the Day.

Sweet Hollywaiians play hawaiian, jazz, blues, swing, ragtime, calypso and much more music. The Sweet Hollywaiians are; Tomotaka Matsui or Barbeque Tom - (Hawaiian steel guitar, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin & Vocal), Nobumasa Takada or Masked Mario-(Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Mandola,Tenor banjo, Melody Banjo & Vocal), Takashi Nakayama or Whiskey Head Tak - (Guitar,Ukulele, Tenor banjo, Mandolin & Vocal), Kohichi Tsutsumishita or Big Fat K - (String bass, Ukulele & Vocal) and Mookie (Design, Art Direction, Ukulele, Jug, Washboard, Vocals).

The Sweet Hollywaiians have a cd "Hula Girl" available at and their website (mostly in Japanese can be found here You can catch the Sweet Hollywaiians live on tour January 25 to February 8, 2009 in California and Colorado and in March they are heading back to Osaka, Japan for a date March 15, 2009. The will be performing at the Denver Uke Fest at Swallow Hill 2009 along with others musicians performing such as: James Hill, Boulder Acoustic Society, Hobo Nickels, Ukulele Loki and Victoria Vox.

To find out more about The Sweet Hollywaiians, find them on facebook, buy "Hula Girl" and listen to their amazing sounds, check out the Sweet Hollywaiians myspace at or

Cheers and Inspire :)

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Here is a peek at Honolulu Stomp