Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paul Thomas's new song "I Love the Blues", must hear!

As I get the opportunity to listen to so many musicians day in and day out (and yes I do listen to you all, lol), I run across some that stand out a bit more than others. As in the case with Paul, he is an amazing songwriter/lyricist and was one of the first people I blogged because his music is so enlightening. He seems to write the songs with an musician in mind that will perform it the way it should be sung (as with Daniel Victor from NWL). From time to time, Paul sends me an e-mail that says, listen to this and tell me what you think and this is one of those times where I want to share it with everyone.

Take a listen to his whole playlist and let me know what you think :) I love Arthur Only and Pauls "Cramden Blues" and of course the hilarious "Split Milk" but the songs he does with "Guitavio" are just as amazing.

Kudos Paul <3 Keep up the awesome work :)

I’d like to invite you to kindly listen to a new song I’ve posted. It is a ‘jaunty’ Ragtime style Blues called ‘I Love the Blues’ - lyrics by me, music composed & performed by ‘Guitavio’ from our latest album ‘Songs of Love and Loss’. It is the 2nd song on my My Space song player & I’d love to hear what you think of the song?
Thank you & wishing you all the best – Paul:):)!

This is me :)

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