Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cree Clan tradegy hits the Music World :(

Another tradegy hits the Independent music world :(

The Hip Hop/Rap group Cree Clan from Swan River First Nation in Alberta were travelling home after a recording session when the vehicle lost control and rolled several times ejecting bodies from the vehicle. Passed are: Ricky Joseph Davis - 21, Tyler James Loyie - 17 and Brent Justin Credguer - 22, all from the Slave Lake region. The 2 other survivors are in critical condition.

Artist of the Day and GJK Promotions would like to send condolences to the families of the future artists.

Edmonton Journal Article

Rizorkestra - Artist of the Day for April 12, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Rizorkestra from Los Angeles, California as Artist of the Day.

Rizorkestra is a one man roots blues band. Rizorkestra plays (I stole this from his blog) ...guitar, dobro, vocal, fife, kazoo, with hihat and bassdrum going simultaneously, playing selections of early blues, jug band tunes, gospel classics, instrumental stomps, romps, jumps, and rags, old country music, jazz, tin pan alley tunes, folk songs, novelty tunes, along with the occasional bits of sousa marches, classical themes, and film music blended into original compositions, arrangements and improvisations.

based in los angeles and currently roaming the california coast performing music, collecting musical instruments, photographing the pacific ocean, and planning cheap, sensible meals.
guitar and kazoo with Dan Hicks' x-mas jug band 3 years

vibraphonist/rhodes keyboardist tour with greyboy allstar saxophonist karl denson's tiny universe

original member/guitarist 5 years with san francisco chanteuse Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers

performs and records as jazz vibraphonist with san francisco funk/latinjazz/dub/grooveband Vinyl including their latest release "all the way live" recorded at the great american music hall in san francisco (with bernie worrell, terry haggerty, more...)

guest-host/R Duck show FRSC underground radio santa cruz

While your reading his blog you have to check out this post "captain beefheart's ten commandments of guitar playing", I would love to know who wrote this :)

To listen to this amazing one-man-roots-blues-band check out the Rizorkestra myspace (you won't be disappointed :) and check out you tube -

Cheers and Inspire :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bridget - Artist of the Day for April 11, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents Bridget from Windsor, Ontario as Artist of the Day.

Bridget plays folk, acoustic and country music. Bridget's website keeps you up to date on what's going on with Bridget and where you can purchase her self-titled cd "Bridget" and includes 4 songs "Lost Alive", "Fly", "Long Distance Love" and "Crazy Girl". Bridget is currently working on next next cd at Spectre Sound Studio's which will include 6 songs - "Let Go" and "Another Sad Song" are on her myspace as a teaser for this amazing artist. Bridget loves to play not only at venues but also likes to play benefits, like the Benefit for Sebastien and Music for Life - - which raises awareness for teen depression and suicide. So watch to see if she is playing in your area. I couldn't find a shedule of events although I do know that she has been playing around town. To find out more about Bridget and listen to some of her amazing music, check out her myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is from my friend Daniel Victor of Neverending White Lights blog


Essential NWL News!

Friends,I have some very important news to share with you today, so listen close!

First of all, I’m sorry to announce the following regarding the upcoming NWL concert in Toronto.Melissa Auf der Maur will not be able to join us for the evening. We have been working closely in the last few months, and although she initially had intended on being there, she has since run into some personal complications.

She feels bad about the circumstances and she wanted me to share with you these words straight from her heart:

Dear Lovers of Sound and Neverending White Lights,
I am sorry to announce that my spring season has made it impossible for me to be in Toronto on April 19th as I had originally hoped. If there was such a thing as a magic portal mirror, I would be there within an ancient gold frame. Instead I must remain faraway in body, but there in spirit and proud of my presence on "The World is Darker".
It is bound to be a heavy romantic evening as you will be bathed in the beautiful and dramatic sounds of Daniel, Jimmy, Rob and the other fine guests and gents.
Thanks to NWL for the invitation and I hope we can find another opportunity to perform together under another moon. I long to perform in Toronto soon but until then, I wish you all the best in love, health and music.

Merci et a bientot

At this point, I’m inclined to remind you about the super talent that WILL be joining us. From New Jersey, Jimmy Gnecco (OURS), And from England, Rob Dickinson (CATHERINE WHEEL). Two legends that will light up the night along with YOURS TRULY. And NWL will deliver a memorable and special night as usual.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, go now!

Now, here’s the good news!

NWL has released an E.P. yesterday on iTunes! It features the single edit of "World is Darker", A Remix of "Always", and the best part:
A cover of NWL performing "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado! Sounds crazy? It is.

Please go to the Myspace site and listen for yourself. If your a fan of NWL, you’ll love it I promise.
It is available for you on iTunes right now!

And even more good news...I’m throwing an after party for ALL my fans in the Toronto area following the concert. The amazing night club known as Revival has agreed to let in ALL the NWL concert-goers who have a ticket with no line! That will save you from standing outside all night.
Here’s the infoNWL After party @ Club Revival
Saturday April 19th following the concert
788 College Street West
11PM - 2AM
Line bypass with NWL concert ticket stub
Special guest DJ YodaI will be in attendance, along with all the guests from the concert. Perhaps we’ll all do shots and dance together. Sounds good? Good.

Oh, and one more thing:


On Saturday April 19th please come celebrate Record Store day with us.
I will making a very special acoustic performance at Sunrise Records in Toronto @ 1PM,
This is to celebrate and bring back the idea of the record retailer. If you’ve followed my blogs and journals the last year, you will understand why this is important.
Read about it here

You’ll get to see some of the NWL favorites done acoustically.

Oh, and one MORE thing still....

Tune into 102.1 Edge102 FM on Friday April 18th at 7PM for a Live-to-Air acoustic performance by Neverending White Lights.

That should be enough to keep you all busy!


Porcupine Hills Songwriters Round-up June 18-22, 2008

I got this letter from my friend Joe Hash and thought I would share it with you. Please remember there are ONLY 15 spots so get in on this fast. If you haven't had a chance to experience the Canadian Rockies, well you just don't know what your missing, ouuuuu, ahhhhh. Talk about clear your mind and the peacefulness it brings.

Hi there.

I wanted to tell you about an event I've helped organize with one of my co-writers, Bruce Michael Miller. If you know anyone who might be interested, I'd appreciate it if you would pass this along.

It's called the Porcupine Hills Songwriters Roundup, a songwriters retreat out near the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta cattle country, June 18 - 22.

It's going to be small...only about 15 it's designed for maximum face time with some of Nashville's best writers and teachers.

We've got Grammy-winner Don Henry (#1 Where've You Been, Kathy Mattea), Angela Kaset (#1 Something in Red, Lorrie Morgan), and Bruce, who is the adjunct professor of song writing at Nashville State Community College. (Amazing player...he's performed with people like Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, and Jim Messina.)

There'll be writing, workshops, wilderness horseback riding, hot tubbing, a campfire guitar pull, and a closing concert with the teachers Saturday night. It's gonna be a hoot.

Also, Canadian songwriters can apply for a $750 grant at factor. ca.

All the details are at

Thanks for spreading the word and helping us get this off the ground.
All best,Joe

Ty Causey - April 10, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Ty Causey from Fort Wayne, Indiana as Artist of the Day.

Ty Causey is a singer/songwriter and plays r&b, soul and jazz music. Ty Causey's website has a music section, bio, press, news, calendar, his favorite links and where to buy section. Ty Causey has 4 cd's out "Body Language", "Expressions", "N-Tysing Rekindled" featuring Najee and Nelson Braxton and "Love Notes". You can listen to some of Ty's awesome tunes like "So Addictive", Everything about Cha", "Heart to Heart Forevermore", "Keep on Lovin Me", "Heartbreak Paradise", Keep it Smooth", "Wishing You Were Mine", "Until Sunrise", "I Miss You" and "Pick up the Pieces" on his page under music. His song "Dinner Wine Candlelight" is one of the most romantic songs (now I really think it's time for me to find a man, lol) I have heard in a long time. "Body Language" was my favorite, when you listen to it, you will know why ;) (these can both be found on his myspace page) Ty Causey has been nominated for many awards over the years including the Soultracks Readers Choice Award. To find out more about Ty and listen to his soul searching music, check out the Ty Causey myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rotation - Artist of the Day for April 9, 2008 by Guest Blogger Al Martin

Today I am blogging for Artists of the day. I have the great honor to review the Michigan band ROTATION.

Rotation is based out of Flat Rock Michigan, Upon entering there myspace the first song that plays is The Curse Of 1990. This song has everything you need in a hard rock tune. It flashes hard rock metal the singer is all over the board in his vocal ability and range. This is definitely the sound of the next generation of Hard Rockers.

The Bitter Autum. This is another great high energy song by Rotation the guitars and drums are tight and the singer is settled more into one tone. A excellent number.

Rewind this is a excellent musical number the guitars are driving and melodic. Again the singer is settled more into one tone. The quality of the recording is excellent.

Someone else life. This song starts off very catchy. It has the rotation vibe and feel the is unique to them. The singer has changed is tone selection on this number as well showing there is plenty in his arsenal of ranges. A excellent song that is a little more tamer than the other songs on there player.Hollywood plastic fashion. The start of the song is familiar to the first number. The singers are all over the board again. It has that Rotation vibe and feel.The music in the song is great.

Goodbye this is beautiful accoustic song starting off the singer has selected a very good tone. The chourse is beautiful. This is just a first class song the beauty of a song like this is rare to get a cross so clearley. As a guitar player myself this guy has done a excellent job in crafting the structure of this song excellent. My favorite number on the player.

In the end Rotation is one of the top artists in Michigan in the rock gen. All they really need is exposure.

They have a vibe and feel that makes the music there own. When I listen to the songs I never ounce thought of a different band in reference in music they are unique in that respect Rotation is a band that you either love or hate. I don't feel they carry that middle crowed which is excellent. When I listen to there harder edged songs I do have that feeling of this music would go great at X games.............

These are my opinons only Al Martin......

SoSincere Entertainment presents the Hot Music Nights Tour May 1 & 8, 2008 at the Roxy

SoSincere Music has added another stop at the Roxy on their Hot Music Nights Tour on May 8, 2008. May 1 - features DJ Yung Greed along with Adult Entertainer CoCo Luscious and the SoSincere Models and May 8 - features DJ Gee Wunder and the SoSincere Models. Both nights also have special guests from Model Search and Champs Magazine. Tickets can be purchased by calling 519-999-o512 or by clicking on the headline (of this blog) and e-mailing Anthony B. at SoSincere Entertainment. Get your tickets early as these events are expected to sell out fast!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Autumn Leaves - April 8, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Autumn Leaves from Torino, Italy as Artist of the Day.

Autumn Leaves plays progressive, rock and metal music. Autumn Leaves website is mainly in Italian but has news, band member links, media, a forum, a guestbook and links to there favorite people :) Autumn Leaves consists of Kely - Vocals, Mark - Guitars, Fabio Nightdreamer - Keyboards, Andrea The Cosmic on Bass and Ale on Drums. To find out more on Autumn Leaves (they have an English bio on myspace), look at some pics, grab some banners and listen to their music, check out the Autumn Leaves myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Charity Music Comes To Canada :)

A new chapter of non-profits is coming to Canada :)

We are working at this moment on the final details and will keep you informed on upcoming events and organizers as they come in :)

This is what the chapter will be doing in all regions as more volunteers sign up :)

Would you like to Volunteer to play at a fundraiser? Would you like to Voluteer in your Area? We are looking for volunteers to help make this a success in Canada. No child should be denied the gift of music. Help a child TODAY by donating your old instruments, so they can have the same chance you do :)

If you are musician interested in volunteering for a future event, please leave a message at one of the 2 links above or leave a comment here :)

If you have instruments you would like to donate to Canadian children so they have the chance to learn, please leave a message at one of the 2 links above or leave a comment here :)

If you would like to volunteer in your city to help the organize instrument drives and other events, or just help out with events, please leave a message at one of the 2 links above or leave a comment here :)


Charity Music is in need of the following in Canada:

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - Any and all Musical Instruments regardless of age or condition.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DROP OFF LOCATIONS - Volunteer to allow donors to Drop Off Musical Instruments at your Canadian location. (A Canada volunteer will pick them up from you once a week) **This location will be announced as we get more volunteers in regions**

CONCERT TICKETS - Any and all available Concert Tickets regardless of type or Venue.

CD's and other Autographed items (include Cert. of Auth.) that we may sell in our Ebay Store

TOP TEN MYSPACE LISTINGS - You may also help a great deal by including Charity Music of Canada in your Top Ten Listing. Simply search your friends using our Email address:

This SMALL gesture on your part, can make a BIG impact on our mission.

Charity Music Corporate Offices
14975 Congress Drive
Sterling Heights MI
United States
586.808.7445 Cellular 586.247.7444 Office 586.247.7443 Fax
What's in it for You?
In addition to receipts for income tax purposes, we also provide SUBSTANTIAL RECOGNITION on our main website for all Donated Items and Services.
Bands, Individuals, Pubs, Lounges, and all Volunteers wishing to help promote our organization may contact us at Charity Music Inc


A little about Charity Music INC

Charity Music Inc., EIN 20-2155382, is an All Volunteer, 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit organization which provides musical instruments, on loan, and at no charge, to disadvantaged and at-risk youth who wish to explore their hidden musical talents.
Our Mission, "to help cultivate the next upcoming crop of young musicians", is being accomplished with the help and generosity of our newly found MySpace Friends.
We are currently attempting to establish a Charity Music of Canada Chapter, and would appreciate any help that you can give.
To learn more about our organization, Please Visit the main website at Charity Music, Inc.

Share the Gift of Live Music - Battle of the Bands FINALS - Macomb County - April 26, 2008

Charity Music - Battle of the Bands in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Well it's come down to the Final 6 bands in the Battle of the Bands - Share the Gift of Live Music fundraiser at Macomb Center for the Performing Arts in Clinton Township, MI. The playoffs will be on Saturday, April 26 at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts and tickets are an amazing $2.00 advance or $3.00 at the door. Where else can you donate to an awesome charity and get to see 6 of your favorite bands play for $2.00? Click the link below to purchase advance tickets

The FINAL 6 bands are (drum roll please....)

Monica Mae and The Second Shift -
Too Close To Call -
Your Bedtime Story -
Hindsight 20/20 -
Maceri -
Archaic Revival -

Good Luck to all the bands and the winning band will be FEATURED as Artist of the Day :)

With the intent of allowing groups of all ages to experience Live Entertainment, the generosity of sponsors have made it possible to offer tickets at the unbelievable price of $ 2.00 in advance &
$ 3.00 at door.

Battle of the Bands
Saturday April 26, 2008
Macomb Center for the Performing Arts
Clinton Twp, MI.
Doors open at 5:15pm.
Show starts at 6:00pm with
Proceeds to benefit Charity Music Inc a nonprofit organization whose mission is "to help cultivate the next upcoming crop of young musicians"

To Purchase by mail send checks payable to:
Charity Music Inc
14975 Congress Drive
Sterling Heights MI

586.808.7445 Cellular 586.247.7444 Office 586.247.7443 Fax

Good Luck to all the bands and the winning band will be FEATURED as Artist of the Day :)

More about Charity Music

Charity Music is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit public service organization, which provides Musical Instruments on loan, at no charge, to individuals wishing to explore their hidden Musical Talents. Our Mission is to help cultivate the next crop of upcoming artists.

Major Charity Music Programs consist of:
Musical Instrument Donations
Concert Ticket Donations
Music for our Military "Notes of Appreciation"
Community Service Programs
Charity Music Concert Tour
Young Voices of New England
Vintage Instruments Exhibit aka ICE

Monday, April 7, 2008

Musically Speaking Open Mic's - by Jamie Greer

Please click on the headline link to find out what's happening on Jamie Greer's - Musically Speaking on the Windsor Scene

CONTINUOUS OPEN MICS (that are originals friendly)--------------------------------

Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts @ Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. West)

Open Mic with Clinton Hammond @ The Kildare House (1880 Wyandotte St. East)

Open Mic with Andrew MacLeod @ The Dominion House Tavern (3140 Sandwich St.)

Open Mic with Kelly Nicholls @ Brews N' Cues (Ojibway Parkway, next to Racetrack)

Open Mic with Travis Reitsma @ The Old Fish Market (156 Chatham St. West, next to Pogo's)

Musically Speaking - by Jamie Greer

Musically Speaking on the Windsor Scene - by Jamie Greer is a new blog that keeps you up to date on the Windsor and area Scene.

Jamie has also expanded his music career by promoting in some of the clubs in Windsor. To get booked for a show, feel free to contact Jamie at or

Jamie Greer Promotions, Publicity, Press, Booking
Contact: greerkind(at)

and don't forget to tell Jamie that Geri at "Prowl of the Day" sent you :)

When you get booked make sure you let me know so I can come down and enjoy the show :)


Poets Tale - April 7, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Poets Tale from Michigan as Artist of the Day.

Poets Tale plays acoustic, rock and metal music. Poets Tale consists of Brad Oualosen - Lead Vocals, Al Martin - Lead Guitar/Drums/Bass and Dan Pollack - Rhythm Guitar. The Poets Tale is currently in pre-production of their new cd "A Little Sympathey" with tracks being laid for their next cd. Join the journey and watch the changes of Poets Tale as they grow, add more music, go into mastering of their new album and become on of Michigan's most wanted bands. To find about more about Poets Tale, read their blog and the moods that are in the mastering of this new cd, sign their guest map, check out their influence "Euphoria's - Servant To Lust" book and listen to some tunes, check out Poets Tale myspace page at

Cheers and Inspire :)

**Please stay tuned for Al Martin of Poets Tale, to make his debut as "Guest Blogger" on the and the Artist of the Day is... where he will be giving his insights, thoughts and who to watch in upcoming bands ;)**

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Choklate - Artist of the Day for April 6, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Choklate from Seattle, Washington as Artist of the Day.

Choklate plays soul, r&b and hip hop music. The Choklate website is full of interesting facts about this upcoming diva. Choklate has her bio, music links, photo's, videos, press releases, upcoming shows, where you can buy her Choklate cd featuring Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and a guest book (that would not let me sign, lol). Choklate was the winner of the Best of Soul Award. Choklate will be heading to London for her solo debut in the UK on April 24 and then to Paris on April 27 to play at the infamous Opus Cafe'. Choklate will also be playing at the I Got Soul Conference on June 12, 13 and 14 which is held in Dallas. To find out more about Choklate, watch some videos, view some pictures, read her blog about her touring experiences and listen to her music, check out the Choklate mysapce at

Cheers and Inspire :)

Artist of the Day Guest Blogger - Al Martin from Poets Tale coming soon ;)

Artist of the Day Guest Blogger - Al Martin from Poets Tale coming soon ;)

Well first an update on the festival page on blogger. Now as some of you know blogger is much like myspace and gives attitude sometimes, grrrr. I have been having some issues with it acceptin the post but am working to try and get it up as soon as possible (hopefully within the next couple days).

GJK Promotions and the Artist of the Day is .... taking a plunge into the future :)

As you all well know I am working on many projects right now and well sometimes you just need a little help ;) So I am VERY proud to announce that Al Martin from the Poets Tale will be a guest blogger for Artist of the Day. Al was kind enough to ask if I needed any help and I jumped at the opportunity. Poets Tale is in the recording studio at the moment but take a listen to Poets Tale at you won’t be disappointed.

Remember to Always Inspire :)