Monday, April 21, 2008

Steve Winwood NEW "Nine Lives" cd pre-order

As a Bzz Agent, I thought you might be interested in the *NEW*
Steve Winwood "Nine Lives" Pre-Order cd and "Dirty City" single featuring Eric Clapton
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Steve Winwood has been an influential musician who has contributed greatly to the classic rock/blues genre over the past forty years. He is a renowned solo artist and a key member, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for Traffic, the Spencer Davis Group, and Blind Faith. Now you can connect with Steve Winwood on, pre-order his new album, revisit his extensive discography, find local tour dates, and celebrate the art and life of a talented personality and treasured songwriter and musician.

Steve began his musical career in the 1960's at age nine, playing guitar in his father's band in Birmingham, England. Since then, he has evolved into one of classic rock's timeless guitarist and songwriters. His long and prosperous career has exposed him to millions of devoted music fans of different ages, backgrounds and genres. Now, those fans can log on to and share thoughts and stories with each other on any Winwood related topic. Fans that visit now can preview songs from Nine Lives, his newest and most progressive album to date. Nine Lives paints a musical portrait of spiritual transformation through the exploration of soul, rock, blues and world music.

When visiting you will find the elegant and minimal design, streaming audio and video player, and extensive history section informative, intuitive and easy to use. In the full discography section you will be able to dive into Steve's memorable career by reading and viewing photos and lyrics from every single album he has released up to date (both as a solo artist and in his collaborative projects with others). Visit the tour section to check up on live dates and buy tickets to any of his upcoming shows and then share your live experience by posting your fan photos on the site.
You can also connect with Steve Winwood through other features on the site:

Pre-order his new album Nine Lives

Purchase the first single "Dirty City" featuring Eric Clapton

Participate in the Mozes mobile voice mail campaign – leave personal messages for Steve and comment or ask him any question you'd like.

Visit the timeline section – a year by year timeline of Steve's musical career.

Shop for any Steve Winwood merchandise in the fully integrated merchandise section.

Browse through the discography section to read the liner notes, view the album art, and listen to clips from Steve's previous albums.

After visiting you will discover the talented, warm and personable musician that millions have come to love. He has become an ageless musical treasure that continues to push beyond the artistic and creative boundaries of classic rock.

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