Friday, April 25, 2008

Do YOU have that special Mother's Day song for May 11, 2008!! Enter now :)

Ok we all know that Mothers Day is fast approaching and I would like to feature a band on May 11, 2008 that has written a song for their mom :)

Please send me a myspace e-mail and tell me what song on your music player YOU or YOUR BAND wrote for your mom :)

It's that easy! My street team judges will have the final call, but please expect a separate post with many honorable mentions on it :)

Please put "FOR MOM" in the subject line :)

Don't be shy to submit a song if you have all ready been an "Artist of the Day", you will definately be put in the Honorable Mentions page or better yet, be featured as Artist of the Day for a second time :)

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