Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cling - Free Downloads :)

I received this from Cling (previous Artist of the Day - March 22, 2008) and as of April 28, 2008 you will be able to download these songs from Sony/BMG Catalogue

Hi everyone
We have for some time been looking at ways to make all of our music available free but we do need money to eat and pay the bills.

We have made all of our music including our latest track "Infinity" FREE DOWNLOADS @ We7

We7 is a website that supplies free music to the consumer and still provides a stream of revenue to musicians.

Being a member of We7 costs you nothing, your tracks will be DRM free forever, and the artists will get paid.

We7 will now feature music from internationally successful artists including Bruce Springsteen, Westlife and Foo Fighters and top selling British talent such as Mark Ronson and Kasabian.

By downloading our music FREE from We7 you are helping to support us, every little helps and will enable us to make our future releases available free.

Please use the We7 player below or this link to preview and download Hi Quality tracks safely and legally FREE!

Best wishes
Susi & Gerald

Hi from CLING
Free full length tracks, to stream and download on We7 from CLING and now Sony/BMG artists

At 6am, Monday 28th of April, a new music revolution will happen on We7...

Music from your favourite artists, such as Leona Lewis, Ting Tings and Mark Ronson will be available on We7 to stream, for free and on demand! We have doubled the amount of free music available to you on We7 to bring you great new music as well as established favourites such as Westlife, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan

As well as bringing you more of the music you like, We7 has also introduced a brand new streaming service! For the first time, the new look We7 now offers free, on demand streaming of tracks. You can listen to the music you like online, for free on the new We7 player! Create multiple playlists of your favourite music, share them with your friends or download to listen to later! To read more about some of the changes We7 have made to the service Click Here.

We7 continues to bring you music how you want it. We are adding thousands of great new tracks every week, so join now by using this link or the banner at the top of this invitation.

Best wishes
Susi & Gerald

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