Thursday, April 3, 2008

Secret and Whisper - April 3, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Secret and Whisper from Kelowna, British Columbia, as Artist of the Day.

Secret and Whisper plays rock, alternative and other music. Secret and Whisper is currently on The Serpent Tour with Still Remains, Gwen Stacy and Catherine until the end of April. In May Secret and Whisper will be playing with Lorene Drive, Jet Lag Gemini. From August 6-9/08, Secret and Whisper are playing the TOMFEST with MXPX, Joy Elcetric, Falling Up, My Children - My Bride, Ruth, Dizmas, Bradley Hathaway, The Myraid, Impending Doom, Telecast, The Reel, The Glorious Unseen, Generation Unleashed and many more (100 bands in total). For more about the Tomfest or Secret Whisper has a cd out called the "Great White Whale" put out by Tooth and Nail Records, has a newsletter your can join, ringtones, videos, their blog, their tour schedule and of course Secret and Whisper music on their myspace. Check out Secret and Whisper at

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