Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mysapce, Maintanence and Upgrading :(

Well, I was the lucky one yesterday that got the maintanence go over :(

What they added or did I am not sure, it just said something about adding applications (what ever they might be). I sure hope myspace isn’t going the way of Facebook as it is such a hard site to navigate, they make you log into to see anything (I really don’t think it is anyones business when I log in or out or add a message to someone elses page - time and date stamped and I am sure I am not the only one. If you need an alibi, make sure you log into facebook, you can say you were there and can prove it, lol) and most of all, they keep DELETING me, lol. Maybe I don’t add enough applications (what a pain in the butt). My friends keep telling me to get on facebook, but if I could stay on there longer than a couple weeks, I would be amazed. Ok so maybe one day I will try again ;)

I was lucky enough to get up Artist of the Day, although there was not much else I could do. Today I am doing my best to catch up with listening to all the new band requests, add comments and all the other fun stuff I do and I have noticed that some of you are now in maintainence :( Never fail I will get back to you, although it might take a day or two.

Database is coming along great, with over 4500 friends, it takes a while but when all is said and done, I will better be able to promote all. I will be adding a mailing list (for those interested) and by summer time, I should have a newsletter up and running along with some other projects I am working on. So don’t forget to continue to send me those festivals, bars, coffee shops and all other venues you play in, companies that supply your merchandise, your entertainment lawyers, promoters, mangement companies, record labels and all that fun stuff so I can help promote YOU and the people that make it all happen behind the scenes.

I appreciate all the Press Kits that I receive and work hard on getting your music out there, so keep them coming in. If you have an EPK please send me the link, so I can do the same for you. YOUR FUTURE lies in the hands of these promotional materials and I find most bands use SonicBid, so take the time and check them out, it could make a difference in your future :)

Cheers and Inspire :)

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