Sunday, March 30, 2008

Corporate Saturday CD Release Party with special guests Credible Witness and Inoke Errati

Wow, what an event it was. 400 people crammed into the CAW Student Centre at the University of Windsor in "The Basement" Pub for the Corporate Saturday CD release party. At this time I would like to thank security, the bartenders and staff at "The Basement" for making this an exciting event for all ages. Also, Meghan for bringing this all together and the awesome job she does in bringing the entertainment to "The Basement". We can't forget the people that worked so hard for the bands at the door and the merchandise tables, they kept all the fans happy.

My favorite part of the thank you's is the road crew, sound engineers and others that help these bands sound and look good. If not for you all, there would be no show. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Now for the show ...

First off was Inoke Errati (I Know Karate). The Inoke Errati website is the place you can purchase their cd "The Wink and The Gun", watch some videos, read the bio, look at photos, keep up with the Inoke Errati blog and so much more. Inoke Errati consists of Jake, Chris and Bobby who keep you on your toes at all times. The stage show and energy they have is one of the reasons, I am sure, why they have recently signed with Trust Records - . Inoke Errati is in the top 8 for the CME Battle and will be playing at St. Clair College on April 3, they need your support to make it to the nationals :) Inoke Errati will also be playing at "The Scene at the Room" on May 29 with a few gigs in between. You have to check out the high energy and stage show of Inoke Errati, but in the mean time take a listen to some of their music on the Inoke Errati myspace at and ladies don't forget the underwear as someone in the band enjoy's it :)

Next was Credible Witness. Credible Witness consists of Walter Senko - Vocals/Piano, Michael Didomenico - Guitar/Back up Vocals, Bobby Jacques - Guitar/BGV's, Jonathan Loiselle - Bass/BGV's, Ryan Brough - Drums and Matt Babechuk - Synthesizer. Credible Witness is currently working on writing and producing songs for their new cd "It's Okay to be Serious". Credible Witness EP "Back to the Window" can be purchased off their myspace. Credible Witness shows the energy of an awesome alternative band. This band definately needs a big stage, to bring out their best stage presence. They rocked and rolled with everyone cheering for more. Although the singer did mention that he had a cold (and drank gallons on water to sing) they played an awesome performance. Like all musicians, the show must go on and that it did. To listen to more of Credible Witness and book them for upcoming events, check out their myspace at

Finally up was the February 25/08 - Artist of the Day - Corporate Saturday :) Corporate Saturday's website has a bio, shows, news, media and merchadise although this page is currently being upgraded (so check out for the new site soon). Corporate Saturday consists of Austen Renaud - Vocals, Brendan Friel - Guitar, Chris Caputo - Bass/Keyboard and Rob Raco - Drums. The energy of Corporate Saturday was at it's best as they sang songs from their EP "A Moment of Peace" and of course their new cd "Looking at the Same Stars". They played a couple of amazing acoustic songs in the middle of their set that proves that this band has it all. They rocked, they rolled and they mellowed with the mesmerized crowd. Bravo to Corporate Saturday for their amazing cd release and the party. Corporate Saturday also took the time after the set to sign cd's take pictures (yeap I forgot to bring extra batteries) which pleased all the fans young and old. To find out more about Corporate Saturday, watch some videos, listen to their tunes and book them for an event, check out the Corporate Saturday myspace at Now when it comes to underwear and Corporate Saturday's, Austen made it very clear (as fans threw up their wares, lol) that the bashful Chris was the one you should through them at :)

This was a fun event for me as I brought 5 teenagers (yeap I value their opinion) to find out their thoughts. They are our future generation of music buyers so it is all important to me what they consider good music. They all had fun and even met some of their school buddies. When it came to favorite they had all picked Corporate Saturday as their favorite, but said all the bands were great and would love to see them all again (so watch out for the all age events, I will be the one with all the teenagers, lol).

Here are the links for all the people that were involved in this blog :)

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