Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kevin Bath - 52 cd's - 416 Original songs in one year! World Record

I got a Friend request from Kevin Bath and was amazed when I checked out his myspace

For all you music fans, they are free to download, so make sure you check out the Kevin Bath website at

Thanks for the visit. My name is Kevin Bath and I am a Songwriter/multi instrumentalist. Starting Oct.1, 2006 and ending Sept.23, 2007 I set a world record by releasing a CD a week ... For A YEAR!!!!. Thats 52 CD’s 416 Original songs performed, recorded and released by me. Each Cd has 8 songs. I hope that you will check out my songs and spread the word. They are all available for FREE on my website

Peace K

The albums consist of many musical styles including rock, country, reggae, dance, folk, unplugged, children's, pop, instrumental and improv. The idea originally was a joke, however, the more Burlington, Ontario's Bath thought about it, the more excited he got about being able to create and share his music. "I find that creativity inspires more creativity, it can be very addicting. It's like a high."

"Every Sunday I would release the weeks album,' explains Bath, "Sunday or Monday I would come up with the songs, creating is the easy part for me, then I start recording bed tracks, mid-week start recording vocals, end of the week for mixing, the hardest part and releasing again for Sunday, it was very tight on time each week to stay on track."Performing and recording all the instruments and vocals (except for some neighborhood kids on the Kidzongs) in his own home recording studio, Bath dedicated a year of his life for the love of the project. Some of his favorite albums are Sponge Bath Square pants, Mid-day sun, Grapes of Bath, Prague, Unplugged, Punk Bath, 2007 and Lady pinstripe.

Over the course of the year, Bath got the word out primarily using internet marketing like myspace, facebook, and received great support from Y108 radio in Hamilton and the Edge in Toronto. Bath felt very driven during the whole process, so taking breaks wasn't an option, "there were moments of despair, but there was a strong sense of destiny to complete this project."Fans, friends, family and industry have been so supportive of the project that Bath says "in the end, I had people suggest I keep going beyond the 52 weeks – now that's crazy!"

There are plans in the works to release a compilation Best of Bath CD for the new year. To listen to albums and for more information check out

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