Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SoupyGato Show - Podcast - Looking for musicians

A little tid-bit I received from the SoupyGato Show


Love to play your music on The SoupyGato Show, if you can send a cd to:

daniel j harris
532 1/2 W. Center
Essexville MI
48732 usa

You can also send an mp3 to , but really prefer cds soupygato@gmail. com (128 bit rate or higher) I do not download from any site.


all past shows!)
1-206-203-GATO (listner call in phone line) 1-206-203-4286

SOUPYGATO. COMWe are doing are best to have our site as simple and useful to you are your fans. Please feel free to give us ideas.

Send press-kit, or at least your basic info. We Love T-Shirt And Stuff!!! We will post pictures in your shirt with a link on the soupygato. com site. We are changing the server soon and it will happen right after that.

Please pass on the info to any band-artist you think people should hear. Word of mouth has been our best way of getting great music. All styles, vibes, colors, tones, and flavors wanted!!!

Best Wishes,
the soupygato show
(twice weekly music pod cast for all styles from all over the world)

p. s. if you plan to send in music please email at soupygato@gmail. com so we can get your infomation set and I can keep an eye out for your cd.

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