Sunday, March 16, 2008

Neverending White Lights adds more guests to Toronto show - April 19, 2008

Yeap I stole this from Daniel Victor's blog :0

More Guests Added To The Toronto Concert!!!

Well, this week it looks as though we’ve added another once in a lifetime appearance to the upcoming concert.

Ladies and gentlemen....THE CATHERINE WHEEL’S ROB DICKINSON will not only be appearing in the show, but will warm up the crowd with an opening set!

We’re also happy to announce JIMMY GNECCO of OURS too will also be in attendance.

So, here we are:
Auf der Maur
Jimmy Gnecco (Ours)
Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)
More guest announcements soon!

See Chart Article Below:

Neverending White Lights’ One Night Only With Auf Der Maur Friday March 14, 2008 @ 05:00 PM By: Staff

Neverending White Lights fans are in for a treat: Daniel Victor will perform a one-night-only gig at the Danforth Music Hall Theatre in Toronto and will be joined on stage with special guests, including none other than the beautiful Melissa Auf Der Maur. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise since Auf Der Maur, the Montreal-born former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist, already made a guest vocal appearance on "The World Is Darker" on Neverending White Lights’ latest album, Act II: The Blood And The Life Eternal.Victor is also enlisting help from other guest vocalists that appeared on the album: Ours’ Jimmy Gnecco, who will join Victor and Auf Der Maur on stage, and The Catherine Wheel’s Rob Dickinson, who will offer up a special opening set.Victor, Chart’s November 2007 cover star, is fresh off his win for Favourite Rock Artist/Group at the 2008 Indie Awards.

Catch the show at the Danforth Music Hall Theatre in Toronto on April 19.—Jen White

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