Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cling - March 22, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Cling from Epping, UK., as Artist of the Day.

Cling plays down-tempo, dub, trance, electro music. Cling's website offers all the music from Cling and guests, news and their music. Cling released "Sonic Spells" in 2006 and has been adding more mixes and trance music over the years. In early 2007 Cling collaborated with ambient duo Stuart Elliot and Emil Anderberg from Dream Lab the result Silver Skies featuring "Susi Lavender" is now released on the Dreamlab CD Cosmotherapy. Cling consists of Susi and Gerald and they try to make all their downloads free for all to enjoy. Susi has a blog that brings you right back to 2006 when they started and is awesome reading. To find out how to find Cling's free downloads, bebo, facebook, get on their mailing list and listen to some music by Cling, check out their myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

** Here is a Message that I received from Suzi and Gerald**
Hi thanks again for your message
We have for some time been looking at ways to make all of our music available free but we do need to make money to eat, sleep, and be happy.TuneSquare is a new ad-supported music download service that lives somewhere in between the world of illegal P2P sites and paid services like iTunes and Rhapsody.We have made all of the tracks from our debut CD Sonic Spells available as free downloads from TuneSquare. When you download our music we are paid a small fee but it is all based on the amount of downloads an Artist generates so the more people that visit our profile at TuneSquare and download our tracks the more money we get paid and you get our debut CD Sonic Spells FREE!There is no registration and no other catches we get a small fee each time one of our songs is downloaded, so if this works it will enable us to allow free downloads of all of our music past and future, and we will still make some money, but we do need to get a lot of downloads to make it work so please help us by downloading our music and also help us to spread the word and tell all of your friends.To download tracks click on this link and follow the instructions.By downloading our music FREE from TuneSquare you are supporting us, every little helps and will enable us to make our future releases available free.
Best wishes Susi & Gerald

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