Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Charity Music Comes To Canada :)

A new chapter of non-profits is coming to Canada :)



We are working at this moment on the final details and will keep you informed on upcoming events and organizers as they come in :)

This is what the chapter will be doing in all regions as more volunteers sign up :)

Would you like to Volunteer to play at a fundraiser? Would you like to Voluteer in your Area? We are looking for volunteers to help make this a success in Canada. No child should be denied the gift of music. Help a child TODAY by donating your old instruments, so they can have the same chance you do :)

If you are musician interested in volunteering for a future event, please leave a message at one of the 2 links above or leave a comment here :)

If you have instruments you would like to donate to Canadian children so they have the chance to learn, please leave a message at one of the 2 links above or leave a comment here :)

If you would like to volunteer in your city to help the organize instrument drives and other events, or just help out with events, please leave a message at one of the 2 links above or leave a comment here :)


Charity Music is in need of the following in Canada:

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - Any and all Musical Instruments regardless of age or condition.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DROP OFF LOCATIONS - Volunteer to allow donors to Drop Off Musical Instruments at your Canadian location. (A Canada volunteer will pick them up from you once a week) **This location will be announced as we get more volunteers in regions**

CONCERT TICKETS - Any and all available Concert Tickets regardless of type or Venue.

CD's and other Autographed items (include Cert. of Auth.) that we may sell in our Ebay Store

TOP TEN MYSPACE LISTINGS - You may also help a great deal by including Charity Music of Canada in your Top Ten Listing. Simply search your friends using our Email address: canada@CharityMusic.com

This SMALL gesture on your part, can make a BIG impact on our mission.

Charity Music Corporate Offices
14975 Congress Drive
Sterling Heights MI
United States
586.808.7445 Cellular 586.247.7444 Office 586.247.7443 Fax
What's in it for You?
In addition to receipts for income tax purposes, we also provide SUBSTANTIAL RECOGNITION on our main website for all Donated Items and Services.
Bands, Individuals, Pubs, Lounges, and all Volunteers wishing to help promote our organization may contact us at Charity Music Inc


A little about Charity Music INC

Charity Music Inc., EIN 20-2155382, is an All Volunteer, 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit organization which provides musical instruments, on loan, and at no charge, to disadvantaged and at-risk youth who wish to explore their hidden musical talents.
Our Mission, "to help cultivate the next upcoming crop of young musicians", is being accomplished with the help and generosity of our newly found MySpace Friends.
We are currently attempting to establish a Charity Music of Canada Chapter, and would appreciate any help that you can give.
To learn more about our organization, Please Visit the main website at Charity Music, Inc.

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