Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rotation - Artist of the Day for April 9, 2008 by Guest Blogger Al Martin

Today I am blogging for Artists of the day. I have the great honor to review the Michigan band ROTATION.

Rotation is based out of Flat Rock Michigan, Upon entering there myspace the first song that plays is The Curse Of 1990. This song has everything you need in a hard rock tune. It flashes hard rock metal the singer is all over the board in his vocal ability and range. This is definitely the sound of the next generation of Hard Rockers.

The Bitter Autum. This is another great high energy song by Rotation the guitars and drums are tight and the singer is settled more into one tone. A excellent number.

Rewind this is a excellent musical number the guitars are driving and melodic. Again the singer is settled more into one tone. The quality of the recording is excellent.

Someone else life. This song starts off very catchy. It has the rotation vibe and feel the is unique to them. The singer has changed is tone selection on this number as well showing there is plenty in his arsenal of ranges. A excellent song that is a little more tamer than the other songs on there player.Hollywood plastic fashion. The start of the song is familiar to the first number. The singers are all over the board again. It has that Rotation vibe and feel.The music in the song is great.

Goodbye this is beautiful accoustic song starting off the singer has selected a very good tone. The chourse is beautiful. This is just a first class song the beauty of a song like this is rare to get a cross so clearley. As a guitar player myself this guy has done a excellent job in crafting the structure of this song excellent. My favorite number on the player.

In the end Rotation is one of the top artists in Michigan in the rock gen. All they really need is exposure.

They have a vibe and feel that makes the music there own. When I listen to the songs I never ounce thought of a different band in reference in music they are unique in that respect Rotation is a band that you either love or hate. I don't feel they carry that middle crowed which is excellent. When I listen to there harder edged songs I do have that feeling of this music would go great at X games.............

These are my opinons only Al Martin......

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