Friday, November 21, 2008

Murder City Sparrows - November 21, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents: Murder City Sparrows from Edmonton, Alberta, as Artist of the Day.

Murder City Sparrow plays rock, indie and punk music. Murder City Sparrows is; Jay Sparrow - voice and guitar, Mike Nash - guitar and voice, Doc de Groot - bass and voice and The Lanny on the drum kit. Murder City Sparrows has a self-titled cd out and another on the way called "Dead Horse Disco". To hear a sneak peak of what to come check out their myspace player, you just wouldn't want to miss it.

I had the pleasure of seeing "Murder City Sparrows when they visited Windsor on the "Dilana - Acoustic tour" a few months back and really wish I had more time to spend with them (next time round :) The Murder City Sparrows website has all sorts of info, pics, videos and a store where you can purchase cd's, t-shirts and other cool Murder City Sparrow stuff. If you get the opportunity to check this band out, it is well worth your time. With the new cd " Dead Horse Disco" coming out, I hope they will tour again soon so all can enjoy.

To find out more about Murder City Sparrows, book them and keep track of where they will be playing, watch some videos, read their blog and listen to the 'Murder City Sparrow' sounds of these rockers, check out their myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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