Monday, November 17, 2008

Carmine Dio - November 17, 2008 - Artist of the Day *Guest Blog*

GJK Promotions proudly presents: Carmine Dio from Albany, New York as Artist of the Day by "Guest Blogger the Carmine Dio Fans" -

Singer/songwriter Carmine Dio is an up and coming Country Music Artist who sings Country/Rock.

While actively pursuing his music career for many years, Carmine has found that writing his own songs gives him a creative outlet that others may relate to in their everyday life.

Carmine is incredibly dedicated to every goal he sets for himself. He has won singing awards and has been given numerous accolades concerning his voice, talent and stage presence.

The internet has been the venue of choice for promoting his talents. This gifted Country Music Artist can be found on digital rodeo, ourstage. com and myspace where he has a fans page as well.

Carmine's music is being played on various internet radio stations and is being played on radio in the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Austrailia and of course is pursuing main stream radio here in the States. Touring is a must in Carmine’s near future. All his accomplishments speak volumes to his talent, determination and work ethic. He loves what he does.

While new material is always being worked on Carmine has his current album "Boys Night Out" available now to add to your music collection, simply go to carminedio. com and order through paypal. While there at his official website hear songs not found on the album, view photos and more.

Feedback is always welcomed so be sure to drop a line through any of the following: (Carmine Dio)

I would like to take the time to thank the Carmine Dio Fans for this write up and encourage all other fans, fan clubs and street teams to write up what you love about your favorite musicans and become a "Guest Blogger :)

Cheers and Inspire :)

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