Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canadian Music Rocks now accepting all music submissions ;)

Canadian Music Rocks Radio (yeap the guitar that I feature my "Artist of the Day" after) is NOW ACCEPTING ALL INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS

Make sure you tell them that Geri at GJK Promotions sent you ;)

Radio submission inquiries can be made at


This is from the Canadian Music Rocks myspace

THREE all new, secure sites for you to visit. Category: Music

We left our old hosting company due to ongoing issues, and downtime. has been rebuilt. Be sure to stop by and add your band links, & Music business links.

CMR radio is now: It is run by our DJ's. It is interactive with a new chatroom for the listeners. Drop by and place a request in chat, or on our shoutbox. We play a mix of commercial & Indie rock music. We are an Itunes member station.

Membership is free on both sites. Feel free to post in our forums. Security measures are in place to keep both sites safe & secure.

We also have a new Myspace radio page run by my DJ's.

Join our music communities.

Thanks, Woody.

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