Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shout Out to all Street Teams and Fan Clubs ;)

Shout Out to all Street Teams and Fan Clubs ;)

What lengths will YOU go to help promote YOUR FAVORITE INDEPENDENT BAND?

How about writing a blog on them, featuring their website and myspace, their ep's, cd's, merchandise and other fun stuff that you like about their music?

Not only will we feature YOUR FAVORITE BAND, but we will also feature YOUR MYSPACE that promotes YOUR FAVORITE BAND!

Again the only catch is that you and your band MUST be a FRIEND of GJK PROMOTIONS ;) Not a friend yet? Go to and add us :)

What are YOU waiting for, start writing and don't forget to include THEIR myspace link and website, if they have one and YOUR myspace and website link, if you have one !! If they have been featured before they will not be re-featured but you might want to inform us of any new releases and such :)

Send your BEST BLOG for the whole world to see to:

We will do our best to feature all fan clubs and street teams that send in a request :)
Cheers and remember to always INSPIRE :)

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