Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GJK Promotions and Artist of the Day NEEDS YOUR HELP!!

I am looking for bands, musicians, venues, merchandisers, promoters and anyone else that would like to share their world with me ;)

In the world of "Vision Boards" (yeap I have made a few), I would like to add musicians, venues, other promoters, companies and others that would like to be a "Vision" in my future :) My ideal "Vision" is to have a festival (one day) that would field ALL the musicians that I have on my "Artist of the Day" friend list and all those that are up and coming.

The word is "Build It And They Will Come" :)

I NEED YOUR HELP!! All you have to do is send me a sticker, logo, pin, patch, coasters, pictures or anything else that you can think of that has your logo or name on it :) These boards will also be featured in the future office of "GJK Promotions" and "Artist of the Day". Just that simple!

As I make these boards, I will add them to my picture list for all to see who "Inspires" me and "Wants to be Inspired" by my dreams. This includes all of you from the street teams to the merchandisers, other promoters, producers, recording studios, independent labels, instrument companies and of course all the musicians around the world that continue to inspire others to become a part of the next generation music scene ;)

Grab an envelope and a stamp and send me your dreams :)

Help me "LIVE MY DREAM" by letting me help you "LIVE YOURS" ;)

Anyone interested in sending stickers, patches, pin, coasters, other merchandise, anything that has your logo on it, pictures, even business cards;) can send them to:

GJK Promotions

P.O. Box 101 - 401 Oulette Avenue,

Windsor, Ontario

Canada, N9A 6J5

Cheers and Always Inspire ;)

P.S. You will receive one in return :)

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