Monday, May 26, 2008

Satori - May 26, 2008 - Artist of the Day

GJK Promotions proudly presents Satori from the Bay area in California as Artist of the Day.

Satori plays reggae, soul and dub music. Satori has a website at but there is more information on their myspace page. Satori has a cd out called "Savor Every Moment" which can be purchased through their myspace store. Satori has an awray of musicians that make them who they are. They include : Steve Jess Borth II, Jesse Hayes, Matthew Reynolds, Mikkel Szlavik, Pete Miles, Mark Allen Piccolo, Lauren Nagel, Ray Jacildo, Vic Wong, Jimmy Boom, Rene Carranza, Ben Brewer, Gunnar Olsen, Chris Murray, Chiquis, Ben Farrar, Robert Setoto, Chris Candy, Christian Vela, Ben Malemant, Jammal Tarkington, Justin Dehart, Rodney Teague, JK, Mike Mayhall, Ruben Garcia, Anthony Postman - (members switch from time to time)

Satori has released "Intimate Revolution" on the The Green Owl Comp : a benefit for the Energy Action Coalition is available at all Whole Foods across the country, Itunes, Amazon and Insound as well as "A Clear View" on the DVD. All of the proceeds go to the Energy Action Coalition, they are doing some really great things so consider helping out!

To find out more about Satori and their passions, watch some videos, go to their web store (which has t's, tanks and jackets) and listen to the reggae sounds, check out the Satori myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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