Friday, May 30, 2008

Michael Gaither Tour Dates and CONTEST

Previous "Artist of the Day" Michael Gaither has an exciting contest to win "Houston Jones" new cd "Calico Hearts" and some future tour dates :)

Hi Folks,

We survived the Strawberry Music Festival last weekend (two words: "cold, wet") and I'm the process of drying out guitars and ukes in preparation for the big weekend ahead. Locally, we're doing three shows in two days, and it's gonna be a fun little gig spree. This is my fourth year playing music at Roudon-Smith Winery, and for The Barn (another favorite venue), we have a couple of surprises to spring on ya. Also, up on the web site over at , there are a few new podcasts, as well as a contest you can enter to win a copy of the latest Houston Jones CD, "Calico Heart". Lotsa stuff to cover, so here we go:

This week's shows:

*** Thu 5/29 - KSCO 1080 AM ***
I'll be performing solo on "Good Morning Monterey Bay" at 8:30 am. Tune locally or listen on the web at

*** Sat 5/31 - Roudon-Smith Winery (2364 Bean Creek Road Scotts Valley, CA) ***
Day one of the annual Vintner's Festival features Rob Hastings (12:30 pm), Sherry Austin and Sharon Allen (1:00 pm), and our band rounding out the day (2:00 pm)

*** Sat 5/31 - The Barn Houseconcert Series ***
We're back at The Barn and are splitting the evening with my pal David Anderson. Two local songwriters, a few new tunes, our first time out with our nifty new harmony singer Breanna Eddy, plus a brief experiment with multimedia (you'll have to show up to find out). The Barn is in Gilroy, and you can make reservation requests by going to .

*** Sun 6/1 - Roudon-Smith Winery ***
Day two of the Vinter's Festival features Rob Hastings (12:30 pm), Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon (1:00 pm), our band (2:00 pm), and Chuck McCabe and Jay Howlett at (3:30 pm)

(Complete info and directions is on my shows page at

New episodes of my "Songs and Stories" podcast:

Songs and Stories #30: KVMR Highlights
This is a recap of my appearance on Wesley Robertson's KVMR show "Rockin' and Stompin'" a few months back. I played a bunch of tunes and then Wesley and I discussed this little podcast. If you're new to my music or have just discovered the web site and the podcast, this is a good overview of it all:

Songs and Stories #31 and 32: Chris Kee and Travis Jones of "Houston Jones"
Here's another kitchen-table talk, this time with bay area Americana favorites Houston Jones. In #31, Chris and Travis discuss the origins of the band and how Chris evolved into the band's primary songwriter. In #32, Chris and Travis play the title cut from "Calico Heart" and "If Not for the Darkness", a new song from an upcoming gospel record:

And that CD contest

Want to *win* a copy of Houston Jones' new CD "Calico Heart". Listen to podcasts #31 or #32 for details. I'll draw a winner at the end of this month.

As always, many thanks for the support. Hope to see some of you soon.

- Michael


Upcoming Shows for Michael Gaither
05/29/2008 08:30 AM Santa Cruz, CA, US KSCO 1080 AM
05/31/2008 12:00 PM Scotts Valley, CA, US Roudon-Smith Winery
05/31/2008 07:30 PM Gilroy, CA, US The Barn (house concert)
06/01/2008 12:00 PM Scotts Valley, CA, US Roudon-Smith Winery
06/27/2008 08:00 PM Redding, CA, US Post Office Saloon and Grille
06/28/2008 07:00 PM North Bend, CA, US Colette's Good Food-Hungry Minds
08/16/2008 04:00 PM Watsonville, CA, US Canyon Acoustic Society (house concert)
10/25/2008 12:00 PM Scotts Valley, CA, US Roudon-Smith Winery
10/26/2008 12:00 PM Scotts Valley, CA, US Roudon-Smith Winery
11/02/2008 12:00 PM Watsonville, CA, US "November-fest" at Pactific Crest Apiaries

"Gaither's sense of humor and keen observation of the human experience preside over his clever Americana originals." - Amanda Martinez, Good Times (Oct 31, 2007)
"Michael is a writer with a keen eye for detail and a gentle sense of humor." - Larry Kelly, Maverick Country (Apr 04, 2007)

This is me :)

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