Sunday, May 4, 2008

Loverboy "Just Getting Started" comeback?

Well we have all seen the a recent comeback of '80s bands and I guess this is no exception.

Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Loverboy (from Calgary, Alberta) was almost like a bar band and played frequently in the city. I have seen them numerous times and my favorite song "The Kid is Hot Tonight", oh how that song brings back such memories (yes I was a kid a one time, lol).

I received a friends request from Loverboy RockSTAR (so nosey me has to check all friends before adding them, lol) and was surprised that they are on the "Just Getting Started" tour.

It appears that Loverboy started touring in April and are going straight through until September. No stops near us though but I am sure they will come to the DTE sooner or later, who knows maybe they will even play at the new "Caesar's Windsor" ;)

To catch up on Loverboy and what's happening and their "Just Getting Started" tour dates,
check out their "New" myspace at or

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Michele said...

I think Loverboy's "Just Getting Started" CD is FANTASTIC, every song a winner. To see then at a live show is even better. They are as good on stage today as they were in the 1980's.
Loverboy still rocks!!