Monday, May 5, 2008

Infected Malginity - Artist of the Day for May 5, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Infected Malignity from Tokyo, Japan as Artist of the Day.

Infected Malignity plays death metal, hardcore and experimental music. Original vocalist Katsuyuki Oota rejoined to the band. Current line up is here: Katsuyuki Oota - Vocals, Takuma Sugano - Guitars, Kei Ishifa - Bass and Yuuto Sugano - Drums.

Infected Malignity have 3 shows in May in Shizuoka city, Osaka city and Baltimore, USA. It will be first show in Shizuoka and USA so they are very excited. They hope to see you at the venue! Infected Malignity has a mini cd out called RE:BEL on Canadian cult label Galy Records and British label Anticulture Records. Infected Malignity is playing tonight at Shizuoka-si, Shizuoka with Exoforce, Enema, Gesewa and more. Don't forget to check them out if you live in that region ;)

To find out more about Infected Malignity, their tour schedule, the Maryland DeathFest VI - May 24-25, 2008 (where they will be playing) and of course listen to some of their music, check out the Infected Malignity myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :)

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