Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your chance to see "Credible Witness Live" at Much Music studios in Toronto on Sunday January 25, 2009 at noon!

Want your chance to see an incredible Windsor band perform in Toronto on "disBand" (a Much Music presentation), be a part of the studio audience and join the fun of a bus daytrip to Toronto from Windsor?

Credible Witness has the privilege of learning from music guru Greig Noi this weekend and would love to have you join them in the taping of "disBand" on Sunday January 25. If you live in the Windsor/Essex County area a special bus will be taking 48 people to Toronto and back for the low price of $35. It leaves at 7am and leaves Toronto around 6:00 pm. You can call Ryan at 519-988-9018 or Michael 519-995-9384 before Friday to get your bus tickets in advance.

Live in the Toronto and surrounding area? Just show up at the Much Music studio to join in the fun! Be their before 12:00 noon and get ready to hoot, hollar and cheer on one of Windsor's favorite bands, Credible Witness !

Yes the Boy, a guest and I will be on the bus, so come on down, chat on the bus or studio and join in all the fun!

Watch for Credible Witness to be "Prowl of the Day" next week with a sneak peak of the bus tour and the Much Music studio in Toronto! Who knows, the Boy might even catch a picture of me, lol!!

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