Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hmmmm, delays, delays.....

I want to take a few minutes to apologize for the delays in getting "Prowl of the Day" out on time. I have been suffering with a cold for almost a month and sometimes, my bed seems to be my best friend. Taking all the pills to try and shake it, but as we all know some days are better than others :) Between working in an environment that is cold worthy daily, it just makes it harder to shake than normal.

I however did take the time to take the boy to see "Metallica, "The Sword" and "Machine Head" on Tuesday at the Joe and can't wait for all to read my review, so stay tuned. For your info: last time I saw Metallica was when they were on their "In Justice For All" tour and to tell you the truth it didn't seem all that long ago ;)

Stay safe and continue to Inspire :)


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