Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dilana in Lake Charles, Louisiana Feb 7 for "Livin' The Music" Cancer Benefit and Feb 6-10 for Hurricane Relief

This is from Dilana's blog and for Livin' The Music Cancer Benefit. If you can attend it would be worth your while as Dilana is one performer that can't be missed :)


Hurricanes and Cancer....

They destroy lives, homes, communities. They blow in and sweep you off your feet taking everything down in their path. They leave people wondering why? Losing faith, hope and feeling like there's no tomorrow. BUT THERE IS!!

I am on the brink of revealing something INCREDIBLE to you. Something that I still cannot believe has happened to me. It's wonderful, it's beautiful and MAGICAL!

In a matter of time, I will share this disaster relief with you dear friends. Just know, that there IS hope, there IS beauty in this crazy world!I will be in Lake Charles, Louisiana next month, 7th Feb. for another amazing charity event by LIVIN' THE MUSIC! This time for CANCER. We will also be singing for the cancer patients in the hospital on the 6th. I will also stay a few days longer to work on something MAJOR concerning Hurricane disasters, the refugees and FEMA who is doing NOTHING to help those people living in terror.

I'm a HURRICANE DISASTER SURVIVOR! The least I can do is give something back to those who are suffering as I did.

PLZ come out to the show and support a great cause!! For more details chk out Livin The Music on my front page!

My love...

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