Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank YOU! 10,002 views - over 5300 friends and growing :)

Thank you, Thank YOU!

Well I logged in this morning and to my surprise, I looked at my views and I hit 10,002 :)
I want to take the time to THANK all of YOU that so patiently wait every morning to find out who the new "Artist of the Day" is and of course to all those who read and listen to their music :)
For something that started as a fun project to relax my mind (yes I do find music very relaxing, even screamo, that sometimes gives me a real wake up jolt in the morning, lol) here we are 8 months later and still growing. With many new things to come, I am eager to continue building the fan base and glad that all YOU are a part of it :) Who would have thought back in September of 2007 that in 8 short months, I would have over 5300 friends that keep me hopping, dancing and rockin' every morning :)

I have made many lasting friendships from all over the world, you can check out some of these on my top 10 list, although there are many other friendships throughout my friends on myspace (we need more space Tom, lol). The Cd's, Ep's, stickers and t's that have been sent are overwhelming and shows that "YOU' believe in "Artist of the Day" as well.

Thank YOU all for the continued support and if you would like to send a Cd or EP, please send them to GJK PROMOTIONS HAS A NEW ADDRESS:

Bands interested in sending stickers, cd's or other merchandise can send them to:

GJK Promotions
P.O. Box 101 - 401 Oulette Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario
Canada, N9A 6J5

Have an "EPK"? Send me a quick myspace e-mail with the link or I will send you the e-mail addy to send it too :)

Remember, tell your friends, send me your friends or bands for review and let's keep this party going :) and always


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