Saturday, August 9, 2008

Madison Violet (aka Madviolet) - Artist of the Day for August 9, 2008

GJK Promotions proudly presents Madison Violet (aka Madviolet) from Toronto, Ontario, as Artist of the Day.

Madison Violet (formerly known as Madviolet), plays acoustic folk and pop. Madison Violet consists of Brenley MacEachern, Lisa MacIsaac, Adrian Lawryshyn, Robin Pirson and Cindy Fairbank. Madviolet has an ep "Madviolet" and 2 cd's out, their debut cd "Worry the Jury" and "Caravan". They are currently in the studio working on their lastest cd which will be released on October 29, 2008 at "Hugh's Room" in Toronto and it is highly recommended that you get your tickets in advance (see myspace blog for "Hugh's Room addy and phone number under update).

This was taken directly off their my space blog: "What's that you ask? Madison Violet? Well... after 8 years, we've decided to extend our band name. Or rather, go back to our band name roots. It was time for a positive change. No more mad. No more angry flowers. No more 'Mad Violent' the heavy metal band. No more 'The Mad Violets (psychedelic rock band from the 80s). It was a difficult decision, but we hope that you will help to spread the word that we've extended it. Madison Violet. Come on, say it! Madison Violet."

The Madison Violet website offers all the information you might be looking for on Madison Violet. Under the music section you will also find their past creation in the 90's called "Zoebliss" in which they also put out 2 cd's. You can find their merchandise page, their lounge (facebook and myspace links), lyrics to their amazing songs and so much more.

Madison Violet will be playing the Historic North York Beer Festival today (August 9, 2008) at 4:30 if you live in the Toronto area and would like a chance to see this vibrant group before they go back to the studio and then off to Germany

To find out more about Madison Violet, the change from Madviolet, tour schedule, their very interesting blog, photo's, video's, and of course listen to their angelic sound, check out the Madison Violet myspace at

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