Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, it has been quite a journey and what a journey it has been :)

After numerous tries, the wonderful guys at TCC Computers finally made my dream come true. They were able to save the data from my old computer and put it on this amazing piece of machinery :) This computer is so fast that I should never, ever have to wait for a page to load, lol.

I never realized how much I relied on my computer until I didn't have one. I did learn alot while I was eagerly awaited this amazing new Dell. I learned that my passion for music was far beyond what I ever realized. I had the priviledge of finding the real Geri again (not sure where I lost myself over the years) and the desires of where I wanted to take GJK Promotions and all the musicians along with it. I realized that not only am I living my dream but I am paying it forward to the many musicians that deserve the exposure, so they can inspire the many new up and coming musicians reach their dreams as well.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the musicians and fans that stuck by me in this time crazy time and GJK Promotions is now back and promises to be stronger than ever. By the way I did order another computer so this will not happen again :) XOXOXO

Cheers and Always Inspire,
Geri :)

P.S. Not realizing that I have been off line for almost a month, I am not going to play catch up but will start with a new "Artist of the Day" today ;)

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