Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rockstar - Taste Of Chaos 2008 - Are you going to be there?

Well it's almost here, the Rockstar - Taste of Chaos 2008 tour. Cobo Hall, here I come ;)

For those of you that don't remember, my son is a HUGE Avenge Sevenfold fan and mom get's the pleasure of being taken to the Detroit concerts (life could be worse, lol). This years line-up is incredible

Avenged Sevenfold


Bullet For My Valentine

Blessed The Fall

Idiot Pilot

D'espairs Ray


The Underneath

I can't wait! Anyone else been to a previous concert? Want to give me the heads up on who was your favorite band and why? To find out if Rockstar - Taste of Chaos is coming to your area check out


Just think, on March 13 I get the pleasure of seeing Yen (previous Artist of the Day) at The Ark in Ann Arbor :) You just have to love music, and the joy it brings :)

March 9/ 08 - Update of the Rockstar - Taste of Chaos tour :)

What an amazing show, if you haven't had the chance to see it yet, check out the schedule and take the time to check out this amazing line up.

Cobo Hall was packed last night. People came in droves from the youngest I saw about 5 to the oldest in their 50's. The kids definately displayed who they liked by the t-shirts and merchandise that they wore. It was hard to determine who was second to Avenged Sevenfold as there was lot's of support for the other bands. I had the priviledge to taking 5 others to this event and everyone had a different opinion as to who was their favorite. One girl who had been following "Blessed The Fall" was amazed how well they performed with the recent loss of some band members. One of the guys loved "Bullet for my Valentine" his exact words were "WOW, they were even better than expected". My son loved "Avenged Sevenfold" as he belted out every tune when they sang. By the way Avenged Sevenfold has really stepped up in their light and pyro show, I was very pleased to see them get to this level. My favorite was MUCC as the stage presence and show was amazing. MUCC had a stage and they knew how to use it and used it well.

All the bands were amazing and yes the merchandise stand got my money :) We were more than happy to help promote these up and coming artists. If you get a chance it is well worth the money, so go and check them out and don't forget to buy a t-shirt, hoodie, cd, dog tags, wrist bands or what ever else your favorite band has to offer :)

*Note: I would like to thank Transit Windsor for getting us there safely, the border crossing guards for letting us over the border, all the Cobo Hall staff for the amazing event they put on and the hard work they all endured to make this concert a success, Rockstar for getting all these amazing musicians together and promoting an awesome tour (and the free Rockstar's for us thirsty patrons after the concert), the behind the scenes engineers, sound techs, light techs and all that made this concert sound so amazing and most of all Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet for my Valentine, Bless The Fall, Idiot Pilot, MUCC, The Underneath and D'espairsRay for coming all together to bring us this amazing tour :)

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