Monday, March 24, 2008

Punk 4 Pink looking for Ontario Bands to play in London on May 3, 2008

Punk 4 Pink is looking for Ontario bands to play May 3, 2008, in London

The playbill is still not full ;)

Hello everyonePunks For Pink is a daylong event in support to help beat and find a cure for breast cancer. The event held will be held at Call The Office in London on May 3rd 2008 to help raise money for victims and people in need of treatment for breast cancer. We would love it if you could come help us out and rock for the cure of breast cancer!

If you want on the shows just Comment in here saying so

Thank you so much
Punk 4 Pink

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Anonymous said...

hey! just responding to your post. we're interested, hoping you still have room on the bill and glad it's for a good cause. you can check out our band or send messages to: or send a message to me at thank hope to hear from you. dave